7 of the Most Innovative Startups in Cairo


In early 2017, Starting Things Up ranked Cairo, Egypt, as one of the best locations in the world to establish a startup. The monumental rise of Cairo’s entrepreneurial scene is the result of several converging factors. Not only does the city mark a central point between the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe, but it also boasts a young population of nearly 28 million people who are looking to innovate. This community of youths has awoken a dramatic social shift by founding startups that are changing their local communities.

With each passing year, Cairo is seeing an influx of more and more startups in every sector from e-commerce to wellness. Read on to explore seven of Cairo’s most innovative startups:

  1. Edfa3ly

edfa3ly logoIn recent years, Egyptian consumers have experienced difficulties when attempting to purchase items from international sellers, due to shipping requirements and high customs prices. Looking to solve these challenges, Edfa3ly has created an online marketplace through which locals can order anything they need without needing to worry about shipping inconveniences. Through this outlet, consumers thus have the unprecedented opportunity to make purchases from the UAE, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

With Edfa3ly, Egyptian locals no longer need to possess a credit card and address from the US to buy the items they want. The startup also handles the customs process for its clients and insures each purchase, thereby providing peace of mind that items will arrive safely. As such, consumers are able to shop from popular international retailers such as Old Navy and Ralph Lauren and receive their purchases in the mail within a matter of a few weeks.

  1. Engezni

Engezni logoEver since taking the second-place prize at the Mobile World Congress 2014 University Mobile Challenge, Engezni has connected Egyptian locals through its groundbreaking “social food network.” With services available through both an online and a mobile application, the startup makes it easy for local consumers to discover new eateries around the country. Engezni even features restaurants that do not have an online presence, enabling more consumers to try their food.

Engezni is more than just a social food ordering experience, however. It also provides a number of key order management capabilities to its affiliate restaurants. Using Engezni’s system, these eateries can view each customer order as it arrives, thereby eliminating the need for an intermediary to transfer the information between parties. This simplifies the ordering process for the restaurant and reduces the risk of human error.

  1. Bosta

Bosta logoIn highly-populated cities such as Cairo, local businesses often lack the resources to fulfill deliveries efficiently. Bosta provides these companies with the capabilities to make on-demand deliveries to clients across town. Should a business need to make a delivery, administrators need only input pickup and drop-off addresses and they will receive a quote.

At 1.75 EGP per kilometer, Bosta makes city-wide deliveries more affordable for its clients. Once their deliveries are in the hands of the startup’s trusted couriers, businesses can alert customers and track delivery progress across the city. By taking advantages of these services, Cairo’s businesses can impress customers and encourage repeat patronage.

  1. Tyro

Tyro logoTyro took the first-place spot at Alexandria’s Techne Summit thanks to its innovative online tutoring services. The startup acts as a type of matchmaker, pairing students with experienced tutors who can accommodate their educational needs. Learners can also search for instructors based on criteria such as level of experience and area of specialty. With the help of their tutors, students can build their skills in subjects ranging from graphic design to foreign languages.

Tyro has created an effective learning environment by offering a platform through which learners and instructors can collaborate live. During their online sessions, they can use audio, video, and whiteboard features to interact in real time.

  1. AklaBaity

akla baity logoEnjoying home cooking does not always need to be a hassle. Residents of Cairo can easily take care of this daily chore by turning to online food delivery services such as AklaBaity. A unique type of meal ordering platform, the startup works directly with local chefs to provide quality home-cooked dishes to its customers.

These cooks offer a wide array of individual, family, and healthy meals from which AklaBaity users can choose. The startup often features offers on its dishes, thereby making it more affordable for its customers to enjoy delicious meals at home.

  1. Wuzzuf

wuzzuf logoThough based in Cairo, Wuzzuf helps individuals across Egypt find employment in their industries. Over the years, it has grown into the top job recruitment platform in the country with more than half a million monthly users.

Through Wuzzuf, users can browse through lists of available positions or search for the exact job they want. The site also connects Egyptian students to internships that will help them build their professional skills. Overall, Wuzzuf has helped over 10,000 local companies recruit 100,000 talented employees.

  1. The Wellness Log

the wellness log logoFor those who are looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle, finding the right training program and eating plan can be a daunting task. To help make this process easier for Egyptians, The Wellness Log allows its users to customize a fitness agenda that perfectly suits their individual needs.

Users begin by completing an application that includes crucial information such as how long they work each day and what types of food they most enjoy. The Wellness Log sends the finished application to nutrition specialists and personal trainers, who design a unique program based on the answers. Once their agendas are finished, clients can easily access them at any time using their mobile devices as they work towards their fitness goals.




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7 UAE Startups You Need to Watch


The startup sector in the UAE is booming. Thanks to numerous free-trade areas and other attractive benefits, an increasing number of entrepreneurs flock to the region each year. This wave of startups is bringing with it groundbreaking ideas in every industry, from e-commerce to financial technology. As more companies join the UAE’s startup scene, it will become increasingly important to follow both new and old entrants alike.

Here are seven UAE-based startups that you should be watching right now:

  1. ChefXChange

chefexchange logoThough based in the UAE, ChefXChange enables clients across the globe to book private chefs for any occasion. Similar to Airbnb, this startup lets users search for qualified chefs by location, event date, and level of cooking experience. ChefXChange then provides a list of applicable chefs, each of whom specializes in a different culinary field. Whether users are looking to host a formal dinner party in Dubai or want someone to prepare their weekday meals, they can easily find the perfect chef for their needs through the company’s platform.

ChefXChange makes hiring culinary services easier than ever by allowing clients to contact and pay each chef directly through its website. The chefs will then perform all grocery shopping, meal preparing, and cleaning duties, thus leaving clients free to simply enjoy their food.

  1. Designer-24

designer24 logoRanked as one of the Most Promising UAE Startups of 2016-2017, Designer-24 (D24) is an online platform that allows residents of the UAE and Lebanon to rent designer dresses. Since its establishment in 2014, the startup has worked diligently to connect more women with coveted luxury fashion pieces. By working hand-in-hand with clothing designers, D24 rotates its stock with each fashion season. This ensures that clients always have access to the latest looks.

When looking to rent garments, D24 users can browse the online collection for dresses for a variety of occasions ranging from casual getaways to black-tie events. After clients select their favorite, the startup will ship it to them and allow them to rent it for up to 30 days. Those who are looking for a more tailored rental experience can try d24+, an at-home service that provides clients with three dress choices that cater to their personal style. Clients can try on and select their favorite of the three before choosing which one to rent.

  1. GEEKS

geeks logoHeadquartered in Dubai, GEEKS is the first startup to bring on-demand technology assistance services to the UAE. Both individual clients and businesses alike can use the startup to connect with “Geeks” who will come to their location and fix any tech-related problems they may be facing. Among the many services GEEKS can provide are mobile device repair, application support, and even general IT health assessments. Moreover, many of the startup’s services come with a two-year warranty, meaning that the parts it uses to repair a device are guaranteed to last.

  1. SellAnyCar.com

sellanycar.comResidents of the UAE have long searched for a more convenient way to sell their cars. To accommodate this demand, SellAnyCar.com has made the process of completing car sales more efficient. Clients begin by valuating their automobiles on the startup’s website. After entering information about the make, model, and year of their vehicle, they receive an instant estimate based on the car’s most current market value.

Within minutes of receiving the projected price, sellers can arrange for a vehicle inspection with one of SellAnyCar.com’s specialists. Upon completion of this step, the startup will send its offer to the seller, who can choose to accept or decline. Those who do accept instantly receive a money transfer. This process completely eliminates the need to haggle about prices and enables UAE residents to sell their vehicles quickly.

  1. Remitr

remitr logoIn 2015, a team of entrepreneurs came together to establish Remitr, an innovative online payment transfer system. This startup caters to expatriates living in the UAE, who make up the vast majority of the population. Instead of needing to drive to a money exchange facility to make wire transfers, these individuals can turn to Remitr for any individual payments they need to make internationally. The startup also features a business payment option that allows companies and their vendors to sign up for money transfer services. Through this online platform, business clients can easily send one or 100 transfers directly to bank accounts and wallets in over 60 countries.


lunch:on logoWith LUNCH:ON, individuals at businesses and schools across Dubai can sign up for daily lunch delivery services. After more than 50 people at a location sign up to receive these delicious meals, the startup will begin to send daily e-mails that contain the menu from a local restaurant. LUNCH:ON gives users one hour to choose from a variety of meat, veggie, and lite dishes and place their order. Within the next two hours, the startup will deliver freshly cooked meals. Not only does LUNCH:ON make lunchtime less of a hassle, but it also helps people save money on their midday meals.

  1. Potential

potential logoThe Dubai-based Potential is working with local businesses to expand the capabilities of their team members. Utilizing Massive Online Open Courseware (MOOC), the startup offers an array of short classes that help individuals hone their skills in such areas as social media, communicating, and teamwork. By encouraging their teams to master new skills, UAE businesses can bring employees together and enable them to face challenges as a cohesive unit.

7 of the Best Social Entrepreneurship Startups in the Middle East


Over the years, entrepreneurship has touched nearly every facet of Middle Eastern society, ranging from the pet industry to e-commerce. It comes as no surprise that the region has also seen a rise in social entrepreneurship. Innovators in this field have established all manner of startups that are allowing them to take charge and tackle some of the most pressing social issues in the region. From organizations that connect individuals with charities to those that support eco-friendly development initiatives, here are seven of the top social entrepreneurship startups in the Middle East today.

  1. Insanyah

insanyah logoIn order to serve the giving economy in Egypt, the startup Insanyah is creating more avenues through which individuals can support charitable initiatives. Just as Facebook and LinkedIn connect us to others, Insanyah is making it easier than ever for locals to find new ways to donate and opportunities to volunteer in different areas of interest.

A type of social media platform, Insanyah aims to help Egypt’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) market their work to the community at large. Through this online portal, individuals can use a search feature to connect with new charitable organizations and provide support to their favorites. Approximately 1,000 nonprofits and NGOs have registered at Insanyah, which allows people to engage with causes ranging from clean drinking water to the arts.

  1. GivingLoop

givingloop logoIn late 2016, Middle Eastern social project supporter Zoomaal sought to further bolster the local fundraising sector by establishing GivingLoop. The startup specifically focuses on fundraising for nonprofit organizations and other social initiatives. Unlike other platforms of its kind, GivingLoop does not concentrate on one-time donations. Instead, supporters can become subscribers to their favorite charitable initiatives and provide monetary support on a monthly basis. As such, this provides organizations with reliable, ongoing funding that they can use to sustain their work.

At the same time, GivingLoop allows organizations to develop strong relationships with their supporters through its reporting system. Each month, nonprofits must send updates about their progress and overall impact. GivingLoop will revoke the subscriptions of supporters if the nonprofits fail to deliver these monthly statements, which make the donation process more transparent for contributors.

  1. RecycloBekia

recyclo bekia logoHeadquartered in Egypt, RecycloBekia is helping to solve the issues of excess electronic waste (e-waste) in communities across the Middle East. Nearly two dozen college students convened to establish the startup in 2011. Since then, the RecycloBekia team has created a “Recycling Army” that works with clients to safely and sustainably dispose of their e-waste. Individuals and corporations alike can arrange for the startup to collect any scrap parts or other devices. The RecycloBekia team then sorts these materials and determines which items can go up for resale and which they must send off for eco-friendly recycling.

  1. Nakhwah

Nakhwah logoBased in Jordan, Nakhwah supports social development across the entire Middle Eastern region. With a name that means “chivalry” in Arabic, the startup encourages kindness by connecting young volunteers with local NGOs that need an extra helping hand. Individuals can easily search for any organization, project, or initiative through Nakhwah’s online directory. In addition, the startup employs social media tactics to invite locals to participate in civic activities.

By encouraging more individuals to volunteer, Nakhwah also enables social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to enhance their visibility in the region and gain access to monetary support. In addition, the startup is opening new doors for local youth to make a more positive impact on their communities.

  1. Aliim

aliim logoA nonprofit startup, Aliim is serving the growing population of children who have been displaced due to war and are thus unable to access a quality education. The startup focuses primarily on delivering learning tools to the nearly 3 million Syrian children who have not attended school for up to three years. Aliim is addressing these issues in Jordan and Lebanon, where millions of refugee children do not attend school due to a lack of available resources.

In order to best serve the needs of these individuals, the startup has developed a smartphone-based educational program that saves money while providing access to useful learning tools. One of Aliim’s most innovative academic solutions is Candy Theme Park, a game that entertains children while helping them to become proficient in the Arabic language. By offering educational tools such as these, the startup is helping Syrian children to become more productive members of their community.

  1. Helm

helmlogoThe winner of the Rise Egypt Fellowship, Helm is working toward a more inclusive community by fostering new opportunities for individuals with disabilities. To support this progress, the nonprofit startup works hand in hand with public and private organizations to help them better serve the needs of individuals with disabilities. Helm is enabling these individuals to find employment opportunities and become contributing members of society. Those who need additional assistance with job placement can take advantage of the startup’s career advisory services.

  1. Schaduf

Schaduf logoSiblings Tarek and Sherif Hosny established the social initiative Schaduf in order to overcome the challenges of food insecurity among households across Cairo, Egypt. The startup is accomplishing this by providing sustainable farming solutions to homes in areas that are underserved. By working with residents of the Maadi district, Schaduf is installing small-scale hydroponic farms that enable locals to grow produce on their rooftops. Homeowners must simply pay back a loan that covers the cost of establishing the system. In addition, Schaduf requires them to sell what they grow locally so that they can provide food for others and encourage their communities to live more sustainably.

7 Egyptian Startups That You Should Be Watching Right Now


In recent years, Egypt has been witnessing the rise of countless groundbreaking startups. As local entrepreneurship continues to flourish, it is important to pay attention to up-and-coming companies that are positioned to become major players in the industry. From service providers to artisans, here are seven Egyptian startups that you need to be watching right now.

1. Fixawy

FixawyUnder the leadership of its founder, Amr Ibrahim, Fixawy achieved second place in the RiseUp Summit Microsoft Egypt competition. Since then, the company has taken Egypt by storm due to its unique customer service model. Available to residents of both Alexandria and Cairo, Fixawy connects its users with local home service professionals known as “fixers.”

With more than 100 affiliate contractors, the startup provides services across eight different specialties. Whether an individual needs help with a plumbing issue or wants to install an air conditioning unit, he or she can work with Fixawy to find a reputable handyman that can help them. The startup has also created a payment system that eliminates the hassle of negotiating on the price of a service. Instead, clients pay a set price for each completed job.

2. Rakna

RaknalogoPeople who live in the largest Egyptian cities know too well how congested the streets can become each day. With so many cars on the road, drivers often face the challenge of finding a parking space. To help minimize this issue, local startup Rakna offers private valet services to drivers in Cairo. Those who need parking assistance can easily arrange for one of the startup’s valets to retrieve their car from anywhere within the available service area. As the valet drives their car to one of Rakna’s affiliated garages, users can use the startup’s app to see exactly where their car is parked. When they are ready to leave again, users need only request that a valet return their car to them. Using the Rakna app, they can immediately pay for their valet services and leave a rating.

3. Tripdizer

tripdizer logoFeatured in numerous Egyptian media outlets, Tripdizer has become the nation’s go-to source for inexpensive vacation packages. To book a vacation through the site, users need only input their point of departure and select up to three destinations across the globe. Whether they wish to see the sights in Italy or lounge on the beaches of the Maldives, they can customize a travel package that accommodates their interests. Tripdizer then helps them find the vacation package that will best fit their budget. In order to further assist users in their vacation planning, the startup provides travel tips and helpful information about various destinations.

4. Qarinly

qarinly logoFormerly known as Perligos, Qarinly is the first company of its kind to provide a dedicated platform for customer feedback. Instead of having to go through a call center to send complaints to local businesses, users can leave their comments and opinions directly on the site. Qarinly ensures that each complaint makes it to the right business, allowing consumers to monitor the progress of their feedback as it moves through the system. Those who do not have direct concerns may simply use the startup’s rating system to leave general feedback about the service that they received from any given business. Utilizing this information, Qarinly gives each company a “Satisfaction Index” that helps other consumers gauge the pros and cons of working with them.

5. Orcas

orcas logoParents across Egypt who need babysitting or tutoring services for their children should look no further than Orcas. The startup works with tutors who specialize in all grade levels and a wide range of subjects, thus enabling parents to find the help that their children need to achieve academic success. For those seeking babysitting services, Orcas has built a network of highly trained childcare professionals who allow parents to leave their children at home without worry. Through the startup’s mobile application, parents can easily browse through lists of these qualified professionals and request a time and day for whatever services they may require.

6. Kiliim

Kiliim logoEgypt has long been known for the production of kilims, elegant carpets that artisans produce in the style of woven tapestries. Local entrepreneur Ibrahim Shams sought to revitalize the market for kilim production after looking to buy one of these carpets for his newborn daughter. Unable to find well-made kilims, he established his startup, Kiliim, to support this craft and the artisans that practice it.

Through his startup, Shams works with skilled craftspeople in the village of Fowwa to produce modern versions of traditional kilims. Using only the best dyes and yarn, Kiliim sells both carpets and pillows to clients across the globe. The enterprise has thus enabled Fowwa’s artisans to continue one of their most ancient traditions and re-establish their village as a hub of excellent craftsmanship.

7. Ta2heal

Ta2heal logoTa2heal took first place and a prize of EGP 60,000 from the RiseUp Microsoft Egypt competition for its innovative platform that provides parental assistance services. Founder Ahmed Mahfouz established Ta2heal after seeing how few reliable services were available to the families of the more than 60,000 Egyptian children who live with autism. Through this online platform, parents can access a wealth of resources for both themselves and their children.

Using the Ta2heal “Parent Trainer,” parents can access videos that teach them the proper way to fulfill the needs of their children. These certified educational materials will also help them understand how to build upon their children’s skills in areas ranging from recognizing facial expressions to communicating socially. In addition, parents can contact Ta2Heal to arrange an appointment with a specialist, who will come to their home and provide additional treatment.