7 of the Most Innovative Bahraini Startups

With over 30 organizations supporting the growth of 120 startups and counting, Bahrain is home to one of the most promising startup ecosystems in the Middle East. As this budding sector continues to thrive, it’s important to get to know the many startups that have already gotten off the ground and begun to make waves in both Bahrain and the wider Middle East.

Here are some of the best startups in Bahrain today:


  1. GetBaqala

GetBaqalaHeadquartered in the capital city of Manama, GetBaqala eliminates the tedious weekly chore of grocery shopping. Launched with convenience in mind, the startup offers an online platform through which customers can quickly and easily order groceries.

The GetBaqala app features a diverse array of home essentials and food items, allowing users to find all they need without even setting foot outside of the house. GetBaqala’s team then does the shopping for them before delivering their order right to their door. Users can set a delivery time slot to suit their schedules and can even arrange for delivery within two hours of placing an order.


  1. Alrawi

AlrawiAlrawi is revolutionizing the Arabic audiobook market by building a space where authors, narrators, readers, and studios can come together and help the industry thrive. The startup’s main goal is to make Arabic reading materials more accessible to those in the Middle East, boosting their readership as a result. To this end, Alrawi has cultivated a diverse community of users who are creating and distributing audiobooks.

The startup facilitates partnerships between members of this community, helping them convert more printed materials into audiobooks. These contributors are constantly uploading new audio material and expanding Alrawi’s library of content. The site makes these audiobooks available to the public so that anyone can discover new titles and meet their reading goals.


  1. Majra

MajraYoung professionals in the Middle East can unlock new, exciting career opportunities with Majra. This online platform lists the latest job offerings at startups, SMEs, and other businesses across the region.

For those who are less certain about where they would like to take their careers, Majra also showcases different workplaces to give them an idea of other potential job opportunities. The platform provides additional support to its community through an online feed, which features informative content about local businesses and career development.


  1. Telp

TelpWith a community of more than 3,500 kids, parents, and educators, Telp is one of the leading tutoring platforms in the Middle East. The platform makes it easy for parents to book tutoring sessions for their students. After choosing a category, users can browse through a list of available tutors and read their reviews.

Telp also allows parents to chat with prospective tutors before booking a session, enabling them to find the right fit for their child’s needs. The platform also features more general academic support programs for those looking to build specific skills.


  1. Rain

RainRain is the Arab region’s fastest-growing online cryptocurrency exchange. Though headquartered in Bahrain, the startup serves customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Users can begin buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency by connecting their bank accounts or cards to the Rain mobile app. Rain offers some of the most competitive prices on cryptocurrency with a low brokerage fee.

Licensed through the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), Rain adheres to the most stringent cybersecurity protocols. It also houses most of its cryptocurrency funds offline in its Cold Storage platform, a proprietary technology.


  1. SINC

SINCSINC is a software as a service (SaaS) tool that creates better connections between companies and their remote workers. This workforce management platform gives businesses more insight into the daily activity of employees in the field and on worksites. The idea for SINC came out of a need to address increasing labor costs and inefficient payroll management. The platform’s wide-ranging features tackle these issues from several different angles.

Not only does SINC allow employers to create employee schedules and assign daily tasks, but it also records their hours. If workers arrive to the worksite late or don’t show up at all, then the platform will alert the employer. This positions management to make future decisions that will boost the productivity of their teams. With the additional ability to track employee notes from the field, SINC empowers business owners to plan and quote their jobs more effectively.


  1. Eat

EatOver the last five years, Eat has become one of the leading restaurant booking platforms in the Middle East. With over $4 million in VC funding under its belt, the startup has grown to serve a user base of more than 3.5 million restaurant-goers across the region.

Eat has partnered with 1,200 eateries, allowing users to delve into the world of fine dining and discover new places to try. Hungry diners can view restaurants’ bookings in real time, so they never have to wonder if there are still tables available when deciding where to eat. Eat also lists pertinent information about each restaurant—including menus and addresses—which makes it even easier for users to find a great dining spot. Eat confirms all reservations instantaneously, creating a convenient booking system for both consumers and restaurants alike.

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