7 of the Coolest MENA Startups to Keep an Eye on

The Middle East has grown into a booming hub of entrepreneurship, with new and exciting startups popping up with each passing year. Here are a few amazing startups to keep your eye on as the ecosystem continues to grow and mature:


  1. Mathaqi

MathaqiBased in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Mathaqi has been providing delicious home-cooked meals to locals since its inception in 2017. Founder Nouf Alsaleem set up her company while a business student at King Saud University, looking to provide busy consumers with a way to enjoy meals while on the go.

Today, Mathaqi delivers in 80 locations across Riyadh. Customers can choose from a rotating menu of more than 600 dishes, with options spanning every regional cuisine from Chinese to Italian. Mathaqi employs nearly 100 home cooks who rely on both family recipes and years of their own cooking experience to prepare each delectable meal.

Whether customers are looking for basic daily meals or food fit for a party, they can find fresh, authentic dishes to suit any occasion. Mathaqi delivers right to their doorstep, so they can simply order their food and enjoy.


  1. iRecruiter

iRecruiterThe Dubai-based iRecruiter serves as the middleman between organizations looking to hire new talent and freelance recruiters across the globe. Launched in 2018 as Dawaami, the platform is helping companies to save on their recruitment fees and fill open job positions quickly.

This process begins when an employer posts a job on the iRecruiter website. After this posting goes live, freelance recruiters (known as iRecruiters) can make their own bids for the job. The company can then choose as many as five iRecruiters, who then supply CVs for applicable candidates in their networks. Employers have

the total freedom to select the candidates they think will be the best fit for the job.


  1. UDENZ

UDENZUDENZ has created an innovative engagement platform for dentists and their patients in the Middle East. More than 500 dental clinics have signed up with the platform, which allows patients to find dentists in their area and book appointments with ease. UDENZ expedites the appointment process, reducing wait times at clinics and ensuring patient satisfaction. The platform thus gives dentists the unique opportunity to build their patient networks and improve their online ratings.

Dental clinics that opt for UDENZ’s premium subscriptions can even submit dental claims and manage insurance directly through the platform. These practitioners can also receive monthly “shouts” from satisfied patients, which helps to boost their in-app engagement.


  1. Harmonica

HarmonicaHailing from Egypt, Harmonica is an innovative app that leverages scientific methods to help Arab singles find their perfect match. Marketed as a matchmaking service rather than a dating platform, the app requires its users to fill out a series of questions about their views and interests. Harmonica then utilizes an algorithm to match their results with those from potential partners. All of this helps users to find the people with whom they are most compatible.

Throughout the matchmaking process, Harmonica aligns closely with the cultural values of the Arab community. To this end, the startup supports its couples as their relationships begin to blossom and helps to prepare them to lead full lives together.


  1. Unifonic

UnifonicWith offices in the UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, Unifonic is providing clients across the entire Middle East with innovative cloud-based communications services. The startup has built a platform that integrates communication tools into business’ existing systems, using cloud APIs and software as a service (SaaS) solutions to deliver service. More than 5,000 organizations trust Unifonic with all of their communication needs.

Unifonic facilitates SMS capabilities, allowing organizations to use voice and messaging without having to install their own hardware. Similarly, the startup offers phone services that connect to more than 150 countries worldwide. Unifonic keeps its clients’ systems secure by using two-factor authentication when verifying contact numbers.


  1. TaskSpotting

TaskSpottingSince 2014, the TaskSpotting app has given global brands the opportunity to market to new audiences and raise awareness of their brands by enlisting the help of consumers. These “micro-influencers” share branded content with their online audiences, which generates word-of-mouth advertising and gets other consumers more interested in the product. In return, users earn rewards, including gift cards and money. From Coca-Cola to Pampers, brands of all kinds have used TaskSpotting to engage audiences in new ways.

TaskSpotting is available in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, with more countries on the way.


  1. Maharah

MaharahThe Maharah mobile app allows homeowners to book maintenance services from skilled professionals in their area. When they need work done, they must submit a service request through the app. Maharah has specialists that can assist with everything from insect control to plumbing. After choosing the type of service, users then need to specify their location and when they would like to have the work done.

Maharah will assign a Maher to the task, and he will provide the user with access to his profile through the app. Users can also choose their Maher based on reviews from others and leave their own feedback.

Maharah users always receive a quote for their request prior to service. The startup strives to provide its clientele with the most affordable price possible and even provides a breakdown of each cost associated with its services.

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