A Look at Some of the Coolest Jordanian Startups

The United Arab Emirates may be the most famous startup hub in the Middle East, but Jordan is home to its own growing ecosystem. Since accelerator Oasis500 opened its doors in Jordan in 2010, the country has slowly but surely become a haven for entrepreneurs. Today, the country is home to a number of thriving startups, with more bursting onto the scene every year.

From on-demand service providers to Arabic content producers, here are some of the coolest startups in Jordan right now:



Mawdoo3Since its founding in 2010, Mawdoo3 has grown into the largest and most popular website for those seeking Arabic content online. Users can search for nearly any topic through this search engine, whether they want to find new dishes to cook or look up information about health concerns. More than 6,000 experts have contributed to Mawdoo3’s vast library of Arabic content, making the platform a credible source of information for Arabic-speaking audiences everywhere.

Mawdoo3 most recently completed a round of VC funding worth a staggering $13.5 million with the help of funds from the US and the UK. With this investment, the firm will work on growing its written and video library even further and even develop its own AI technology.



MraytiThe first startup of its kind in Jordan, Mrayti brings the luxury and relaxation of the salon right to your doorstep. The team behind this mobile beauty salon wanted to make it more convenient and affordable for Jordanian women to access beauty services.

Mrayti allows clients to seamlessly book services through its iOS and Android apps. By simply choosing a service, location, and date, they can set an appointment with one of the startup’s affiliated professionals, including hairstylists and makeup artists, who come to their home, office, or anywhere else and help them get ready for any occasion. Upon receiving their services, users can provide feedback to Mrayti on their experience by rating their stylists.



Arabot.ioArabot is a one-of-a-kind technology and artificial intelligence platform that has built a smart chatbot for Arabic users. Leveraging such tools as machine learning and natural language processing, Arabot can analyze conversations in both English and Arabic (including several different dialects). This intelligent system can integrate with business applications, websites, and instant messaging channels. Within a fraction of a second, Arabot can respond to user queries and provide personalized recommendations. This solution, therefore, gives businesses the ability to automate client interactions without compromising the customer experience.



POSRocketOver the last three years, POSRocket has fueled the growth of small businesses across the Middle East with its innovative point of sale (POS) solution. Unlike more traditional POS systems, it is available through the cloud. As such, POSRocket is able to consistently update its solution with new features that keep its clients ahead of the curve. This system also evolves with each business, thereby ensuring that they won’t ever have to work within an obsolete POS platform.

Through the POSRocket portal, businesses can streamline all their most important sales tasks. Employees on the floor can connect to the POS system using any device, allowing them to make sales and complete orders from anywhere in the store—all without an Internet connection. They can also clock in and out of their shifts directly through POSRocket, which makes it easier for management to track their activities.

POSRocket also gives owners of multiple businesses the tools they need to manage their stores more effectively. This system can integrate with numerous locations at once, so those in charge will never miss a thing. POSRocket helps business owners keep a close eye on their inventory with automated tracking services that alert them when they need to purchase certain items. The system also simplifies analytics, providing insights about critical sales data. This allows users to monitor their sales totals, pinpoint their best-selling products, and everything in between.



Masmoo3Headquartered in Amman, Masmoo3 has spent the last eight years developing the Number 1 digital audiobook platform for those in the Middle East. The startup both produces and publishes audiobooks specifically for Arabic speakers. Over the years, Masmoo3 has built a diverse library of audiobooks for original Arabic titles, translated works, and even children’s books.

Not only does this platform give Jordanians access to more titles in their native language, but it helps them to expand their knowledge more efficiently. Masmoo3 is working toward the goal of publishing 2,000 Arabic audiobooks on its site.



AounFounded in 2016, Aoun (also styled 3oun) is an iOS and Android app built for those who need to connect with home services providers in Jordan. The startup currently boasts a network of more than 250 providers that have served 52,000 customers in three cities across the country.

Through the Aoun app, customers can book appointments for nearly any home maintenance need. Whether they are having issues with their plumbing or require daily maid services, they can schedule services quickly and easily. They can even request quotes from different service providers before selecting the one that most closely fits their needs and budget. After their appointments, clients can also leave reviews in the Aoun app to help others find the best providers available.