7 of the Most Impressive STEP 2019 Participants

STEP Conference is one of the leading startup events in the Middle East today. Every year, entrepreneurs from across the region flock to the event’s four conferences to showcase their groundbreaking business ideas to new audiences. STEP also serves as a forum where these emerging business owners can find mentors and meet one-on-one with investors who can help their startups flourish.

2019 is already shaping up to be a busy year for STEP, with more than 300 startups slated for participation in its four Startup Basecamps. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive startups that will be highlighting their work at STEP this year:


  1. NoQ

NoQ logoThe Dubai-based NoQ is making queuing a thing of the past by allowing people to pre-order from registered businesses across the UAE. Through the startup’s mobile app, users can bypass the queue at their favorite stores and have their purchases brought right to their cars. NoQ makes ordering simple: users need only choose the store, make their item selections, and pay directly in the app. They can pick up their purchase within minutes, instead of waiting in a queue to order or pay for their items.

NoQ users also have access to valuable perks. By referring friends to the app, for example, they receive in-app credits and other rewards. They can also send digital gift cards to friends and family, which enable them to save on purchases at their favorite NoQ partners.


  1. Spogo

spogologoThose in the UAE who are looking to stay active can use Spogo to find sporting clubs, gyms, and personal trainers in their area. Users can search the site for activities based on criteria such as age, location, and level of expertise required. When perusing results, they’ll find information about each club’s membership rates and the classes they offer. These results also feature comments and ratings from other Spogo members. This enables users to easily find the clubs and trainers that match their fitness needs.


  1. Healthigo

HealthigoAn innovative telehealth platform, Healthigo is making it easier for patients to find the healthcare they need from physicians in their area. With services optimized for both individuals and organizations, the startup is improving health across the Middle East.

Those looking to book appointments can do so through the Healthigo mobile app, which allows users to search for providers based on insurance, location, medical specialty, and other criteria. Users can also create profiles for all their family members, so they can find the best providers for each person’s particular healthcare needs. In addition, Healthigo provides users with deals on health and wellness services, such as dental care and esthetician services.


  1. Taddrees

TaddreesParents who need to find qualified tutors for their children can do so through Taddrees. From tutoring in a particular subject to test preparation, parents can find and book private tutoring sessions in the app. All tutors have been vetted, and they possess certification or diplomas. Tutoring sessions take place in users’ homes. This enables parents to find the support that their children need to achieve academic success, for less time and money.


  1. Stylar

StylarStylar leverages Big Data, artificial intelligence, and fashion industry expertise to bring fashionistas in the Middle East a new kind of stylist. For fashion industry professionals, Stylar Pro provides reports and analytics about industry trends, competitors, and pricing. Meanwhile, Stylar is a social media app for individual consumers. Users can browse photos of the latest styles spotted on the streets, and directly purchase items that match those in each photo. Users can also save their favorite photos or upload their own to share their looks with followers.


  1. Yanzo

YanzoAvailable through Whatsapp, Yanzo acts as a personal concierge to residents of Dubai. Users can text requests for anything they need. For instance, if someone forgot their computer at home, they can text Yanzo to send someone to pick it up and deliver it to their location. Yanzo can book flights, hotels, and other travel; shop; and order items for delivery. The platform can also help users create to-do lists, hire help for any occasion, and much more. Users can ask for anything, as long as it’s legal and possible.

Yanzo tries to find the best available deals on all purchases. Users must confirm all prices before finalizing deals, so they always know what they owe. Yanzo fulfills payments on their behalf, so there’s no need to input credit or debit card information.


  1. FindMyFit

FindMyFitHeadquartered in Sharjah, UAE, FindMyFit helps users find and book sessions with certified personal trainers who can help them get fit and healthy. The site features trainers for nearly any fitness need. Whether they want to lose weight, add more muscle, or begin practicing yoga, users can choose from a list of personal trainers with a variety of skills and expertise.

Users can book appointments with their trainer of choice and pay directly through FindMyFit. From single sessions to larger workout packages, they can work with their trainer to create a fitness schedule that will help them achieve their goals.