7 of the Best Arab Startups for Everyday Needs

For a working professional, some important daily tasks can fall by the wayside. Between maintaining responsibilities in the home and in the office, it can be challenging to find time for such tasks as grocery shopping and home maintenance.

Within the booming entrepreneurial scene of the Middle East, there are a number of up-and-coming startups that cater to busy individuals by helping them fulfill some of their most important everyday needs. Here are a few of the best Arab startups that are making life just a little bit easier:


  1. iMoneh

iMonehHeadquartered in Amman, Jordan, iMoneh is helping even the busiest locals find the time to shop for the groceries they need every week. Available as an app for iOS and Android devices, this platform allows users to view available items at designated grocery stores in their area. iMoneh frequently offers deals on groceries, so its users can save on their favorite essentials. Once they compile their grocery lists, users can place their orders in app.

iMoneh tackles the hassle of shopping on their behalf before delivering their purchases directly to their doors at the time they specify. The startup accepts cash on delivery and even allows its users to return items that don’t meet their expectations. With 50 Jordanian supermarkets in its network, iMoneh serves a user base of more than 1,000 shoppers.


  1. Maharah

MaharahThe Lebanon-based Maharah is helping its customers find qualified professionals to complete their home maintenance projects. Using this mobile application, users can submit requests in seconds and receive a recommendation for a skilled professional (Maher) who can get the job done. From home projects to office maintenance needs, Maharah handles a variety of requests.

Those who contact Maharah for help can view the estimated cost of service for any project they need to complete. After connecting with one of the platform’s Maher, they can work together to arrange maintenance services that meet their schedules. Whether they need to paint their home, install new flooring, or maintain their plumbing, Maharah users can find help for any project.


  1. Smart Washr

smartwashrDoing laundry doesn’t have to be a hassle with startups like Smart Washr. Since its inception in 2017, the startup has allowed its users to schedule laundry services through their mobile devices. Upon signing up for Smart Washr, users can choose from a list of clothing and specify whether each item needs pressing, washing, or dry cleaning.

Most recently, the startup incorporated more premium services for those that need to clean formal items and wedding dresses. To make the process as seamless for its users as possible, Smart Washr picks their items up from their specified locations, completes the requested services, and returns them in only 24 hours.


  1. Melltoo

melltooEstablished in 2014 and based in the UAE, Melltoo is helping locals unclutter their homes by giving them a place to sell their unwanted items. A peer-to-peer marketplace, the startup has categories for nearly every item around the house. Whether users need to find a new home for their vehicles or sell old baby items, they can use Melltoo to make deals with other users on their secondhand items.

To address potential issues with lack of trust between buyers and sellers, Melltoo has incorporated the Pay & Ship SECURE system to ensure that all transactions go smoothly. The startup receives the payment from each deal, delivers the purchased items, and then sends the money to the seller.


  1. Helmii

helmiiWith a name that means “my dream” in Arabic, Helmii is promoting better, deeper sleep among the residents of the UAE. The startup has designed its own mattress, which leverages memory foam and 2,000 pocket springs to provide the most comfortable sleep possible.

Through Helmii, individuals can create their own beds using the online design tool. This feature allows them to select the textures and colors that best accommodate their personal style. Helmii also offers an array of pre-made furniture pieces for those looking to complete their bedrooms.




  1. Elves

ElvesOne of Egypt’s leading startups, Elves acts as a personal helper to its users in every aspect of life. When users need an assistant, they can contact the startup and connect with someone who can help them. From booking excursions to delivering items, Elves provides a personalized concierge for nearly any service.

Users who need recommendations can also work with their assigned helper to discover new items based on their preferences. Once they make a decision, Elves helps them complete their purchase and ensures that it makes it to its destination on time.


  1. Designer-24

designer24Women looking for the right outfit for both everyday activities and special events can find what they need through Designer-24. This online platform allows its users to rent clothing and accessories from its own collection, which they can search by style or occasion. To make the process as easy as possible, Designer-24 provides direct-to-door shipping, pick-up, and dry cleaning services with each rental.