Spotlight on the Most Interesting Tech Startups in Jordan

The Middle East has become well known for its growing technology startup hubs in Egypt and the UAE. However, Jordan is home to a rapidly evolving tech scene of its own.

In fact, as of 2014 Jordan was home to more than 600 tech companies, over half of which were startups. With the support of local acceleration programs, incubators, and investors that are looking to make a stake in the most innovative new businesses, Jordan’s startups are poised with all the resources they need to thrive.

Read on to explore some of the amazing tech startups that Jordan has to offer.



hyperpayEstablished in 2010, HyperPay is quickly becoming one of the leading payment gateways in the entire Middle East. The startup specializes in business-to-business services for organizations looking to facilitate sales both online and in person. Currently overseeing over 400 accounts, HyperPay offers a number of cutting-edge features to its clientele.

Businesses can easily deploy HyperPay technology within their current systems. This payment gateway can integrate with numerous e-commerce websites that use all of the most common programming languages. By using HyperPay, businesses can seamlessly track their performance and transactions through the gateway’s unique reporting interface.

This platform also enhances the customer experience by allowing businesses to take payments in all leading currencies and from any device. HyperPay ensures that all customer information remains safe by leveraging PCI-DSS-compliant technology and more than 120 other risk management features.



repzo logoRepzo is an iPhone and Android application that streamlines customer relationship management (CRM) for service companies and marketing specialists. The platform consolidates disparate client data about their locations and previous representative visits. Through the incorporation of route planning and job assignment features, Repzo ensures that sales teams have all they need to lay out their daily schedules and meet with more clients.

While they are out making visits, reps can use the Repzo app to document information about clients and share that information with their managers. The platform also streamlines the process of making sales in the field by allowing reps to draw up invoices for orders and take payments directly in-app.

Repzo is optimized for use in several different industries. Those in fast-moving consumer goods, for example, can use the app to submit orders and monitor their merchandise in real time. Repzo also serves clients in the medical field, facilitating better communication between pharmaceutical organizations and the medical centers and pharmacies they serve.



gweet logoSince its inception in 2012, the Gweet has provided an online marketplace for individuals who are looking for interesting accommodations across Jordan. Users start this process by selecting where they would like to stay. They then receive a list of available rentals in that area.

When choosing accommodations, users can look for single rooms, entire apartments, villas, and even farms. Each listing provides information about the rental, including how many people it can accommodate and how long they may stay there. Gweet features accommodations that are available for both short-and long-term rentals.

Gweet also provides the opportunity for locals to rent out their spaces by becoming hosts with the site. Those that list their rentals work alongside the startup’s rental professionals to market their listings, screen guests, and set their own rental prices.



posrocketPOSRocket made headlines in 2018 for taking in a staggering USD$1.5 million in funding to support its innovative point-of-sale (POS) services. The startup, which serves businesses across the Middle Eastern region, is providing an alternative to legacy POS portals by operating its systems in the cloud. From restaurants to dry cleaning stores, businesses of all kinds rely on POSRocket for their sales operations.

Businesses can choose from an array of POS hardware, including iPad holders, receipt printers, and cash drawers. POSRocket also offers a product called mPOP, which combines all of these capabilities into one machine. Not only are these devices affordable, but they are also easy to use from remote locations and can even function while offline.



jamalonSince first launching Jamalon from his parents’ house in 2010, entrepreneur Ala’ Alsallal has grown his online bookstore into a thriving marketplace for both Arabic and English titles. Hailed as the “Amazon of the Middle East,” the startup has built a library of over 12 million titles, 150,000 of which are in Arabic.

Users can search for books by title or genre. Jamalon also features its best-selling books, newest additions, and latest deals, so readers can always find something interesting. Most recently, the startup introduced services that allow its users to self-publish their own titles.



bilforon logoAn online marketplace and mobile app, Bilforon is making it easy for the residents of Jordan to enjoy home cooking without the hassle. Users can browse through the site’s list of home cooks and view their available menus, which feature everything from full dishes to single ingredients.

Bilforon also offers daily dishes for those who need their food immediately. Otherwise, users may pre-order their meals for delivery later in the week. With options ranging from Arabic fare to gluten-free meals, Bilforon has home-cooked food for any palate and any occasion.