You Need to Know about These UAE Startups

Over the last several years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become one of the primary forces driving the growth of the emerging startup ecosystem in the Middle East. With a population of more than 9.5 million natives and expats, the nation has built the ideal environment in which entrepreneurship can thrive. From Free Zones to business accelerators, the UAE offers every tool that its entrepreneurs need to establish and scale their innovative startups.

As the UAE’s startup scene continues to come into its own, it’s crucial to follow the progress and success of the startups that call it home. Here are a few you should know about going forward:



urbanbuzLaunched in 2013, UrbanBuz is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses to maximize their use of client information and develop better relationships with their audience. The startup gives companies a comprehensive view of all of their customers, providing a central location from which they can monitor interactions throughout the entire client life cycle.

In addition, UrbanBuz has the ability to identify which customers contribute the most to revenue and which ones may take their business elsewhere. With such a far-reaching glimpse at key customer data, businesses can become well-equipped to improve the experience of all of its clients.

To this end, UrbanBuz helps businesses to facilitate better customer interactions. Through features such as live customer feedback platforms, loyalty initiatives, and marketing campaigns, companies can more easily engage with their customers.



socialdiceUnder the guidance of founders Nael Ramadan and Saed Shela, SocialDice streamlines the recruitment process for businesses. The startup has created a single platform through which employers can facilitate all hiring activities, from posting requests for applicants to connecting with potential hires.

Businesses can leverage the site’s diverse list of job descriptions to create job postings more quickly than ever before. SocialDice enables sharing across some of the top social media platforms, which allows them to reach more candidates online. As applications begin filtering in, employers can manage each candidate from a single dashboard. The page uses artificial intelligence (AI) to vet each candidate for experience and automatically sorts them based on its findings. This takes some of the hassle out of the hiring process and helps businesses to fill open job positions more quickly.



360vuzlogoA groundbreaking mobile app, 360VUZ allows users to transport themselves across the globe using their smartphones. Blending 360-degree technology with virtual reality, the startup has created an app that places users right in the middle of thrilling events across the Middle East. From concerts to master classes, users can immerse themselves in a wide array of live experiences without the need for a VPN. The 360VUZ app comes equipped with Gyroscope, which allows users to see each event in its entirety by simply rotating their smartphones.

360VUZ is not limited to live events. The app is also home to several broadcast channels that feature behind-the-scenes videos and other thrilling content filmed in 360 degrees. Users can even post 360VUZ videos to their social media accounts using the app’s social sharing feature.



guzzleThe winner of the 2016 SL Mobile App award for Discount Vouchers App of the Year, Guzzle provides exclusive offers to some of the hottest spots around Dubai. Users can peruse the app for nearby bars, clubs, and other venues before selecting the ones with the discount vouchers that most appeal to them. They can also use Guzzle to see which businesses have exciting events going on and what drinks they have to offer. Once they arrive at their venue of choice, they must ask the bartender for a unique PIN to obtain their discount.

Guzzle is not only a source for consumer deals, but it is also a platform for Dubai business owners looking to grow their customer base. By becoming one of the startup’s “outlets,” they can appeal to new patrons with discounts and determine how well their offers are performing in the app.



udenzlogoIn 2016, UDENZ debuted as a platform for dentists and their patient networks. The startup has since grown to include more than 500 dental clinics across the MENA region. Through the UDENZ mobile app, patients can search for dental providers in their area and book appointments with just a few clicks. The app also features a review system that enables patients to view feedback from others and leave ratings of their own.



stukklogoSince its inception in 2015, Stukk has provided drivers across the UAE with on-demand roadside assistance services. Whether their engine stops working or they need help in fixing a flat tire, users can request any vehicle service through the startup’s mobile app. Stukk leverages its users’ location features to ensure that service providers will be able to find them in a timely manner, eliminating the need for drivers to call numerous vendors and describe their location. Stukk also informs its users about what fees they can expect for their vehicle services, so they will be prepared once help arrives.

In addition to its consumer services, Stukk has incorporated solutions for enterprises that maintain fleets of vehicles. Stukk can help companies to monitor the location of their vehicles, boost efficiency, and save money.