A Look at the Coolest Startups in Cairo Right Now

With a growing young population and an increasing focus on technological innovation, Cairo has positioned itself as one of the most prolific startup hubs in the Middle East. In such a forward-facing business climate, numerous entrepreneurs have brought their innovative, exciting ideas to the local startup market. As the local ecosystem continues to mature, it’s important to follow some of the best-emerging startups that Cairo has to offer.

Here is a look at some of the coolest startups operating in Cairo right now:



7keemaThe first healthcare startup of its kind, 7keema ensures that patients across the Middle East have access to the home nursing services they need for treatment and recovery. Through this mobile app, users can connect with licensed nurses at any time, day or night, allowing them to find reliable on-demand caregivers who can provide treatment in the comfort of their own homes.

Patients need only select the type of medical service that they require, after which 7keema will match them with a nursing practitioner close to their location. These specialists can assist patients that have recently undergone surgery, deliver care to aging adults, help mothers recovering from childbirth, and more. 7keema’s registered nurses adhere to all global infection control regulations and other quality standards, thereby ensuring that all patients receive the best care possible.



ifixiFix is catering to the growing population of smartphone users in Egypt by providing repair services on an on-demand basis. The startup currently services users with iPhones but is looking to expand to other devices in the future. Whether a smartphone owner needs to replace a cracked screen or fix a malfunctioning speaker, iFix will send one of its iFixers to their location within half an hour of receiving a service request. These experts will facilitate any repairs the client needs directly in front of them, which ensures better phone security.

The team at iFix has also developed a patented solution for clients looking to protect their smartphones against liquid damage. Dubbed LiquiFix, this process outlines a specific way for users to bring their device back to life after spilling coffee on it or dropping it into water.



weeloEstablished in 2017, Weelo is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs who sought to make grocery shopping easier for the people of Cairo. This platform builds upon the concept of phone ordering but eliminates the time spent on making purchases and waiting for orders to arrive.

Weelo developed a mobile app that allows consumers to browse for groceries at any time and from any location. The startup has primarily attracted the focus of Cairo’s students, many of whom would rather shop online for groceries than go to the store. Users can order their favorite goods in every category, from fresh produce to canned foods, and a Weeler, or personal shopper, will deliver the order within as little as 45 minutes.



VapulusVapulus is providing its Arab users with a new way to facilitate the online payment process. On the personal end, this next-generation platform makes it easy to transfer funds across the globe, while its encryption tactics ensure that every transaction is as secure as possible.

Users can also use this platform to make payments online and in store. After uploading their card information and various store accounts, they can use their Vapulus username to facilitate payments securely.

Businesses can also use Vapulus to drive sales and customer engagement at a time when smartphones have become the new norm. The platform’s streamlined payment services ensure that business clients will always be able to complete their sales online and in store. Moreover, Vapulus allows businesses to provide tailor-made discounts to their audience in an effort to drive customer loyalty.



tripdizerSince its inception as a platform where travelers could talk about their experiences, Tripdizer has grown into a comprehensive travel-booking website. Instead of needing to find a destination, find hotels, and stay within their budgets on their own, individuals can turn to the platform for assistance in planning their next dream vacation.

Users start the process by specifying where they would like to go, when they would like to travel, and what their interests are. Tripdizer uses this information to create several travel experiences, each of which includes all the elements that they could want or need on a trip. Users even receive a pre-made itinerary, so all that is left to do is hop on a plane and enjoy their vacation.



raye7Raye7 took home the second-place prize for best mobile startup during the 2016 Mobile World Congress, which recognized the startup for its innovative carpooling services. Designed specifically with working professionals in mind, the startup allows colleagues to connect and share rides.

Users save money by sharing the cost of fuel for each ride to the office. Additionally, carpooling eliminates much of the stress surrounding the daily commute while giving co-workers the opportunity to socialize outside of work every day.

Raye7 also delivers the tools that companies need to fully manage their employees’ travel data and safety. Moreover, the platform helps corporate entities meet their sustainability goals through participation in Raye7’s carpooling program.