You Need to Know about These 5 Graduates of Sheraa

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, is well on its way to becoming a hub of entrepreneurship in the Middle East. Fueling the success of the local startup ecosystem are organizations such as the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (also known as Sheraa), a nonprofit entity that is supporting the needs of entrepreneurs.

Located on the American University of Sharjah campus, Sheraa makes it possible for innovators to launch and scale their startups. Since its debut in 2016, the organization has established a dedicated coworking space and a global entrepreneurship festival to support the various needs of entrepreneurs. Most importantly, Sheraa operates an accelerator program through which it mentors budding startups and nurtures their growth into flourishing businesses.

Over the years, numerous startups have participated in Sheraa’s accelerator program. From wealth management platforms to media companies, here are a few innovative Sheraa graduates that you should keep on your radar:


  1. Yalla Pickup

yallapickupUnder the leadership of founder and CEO Elie El Tom, Yalla Pickup is helping businesses transport goods between destinations. Whether a company needs to move its equipment to a new office or a small business is looking to make a delivery, the startup makes it easier than ever to arrange for pickups. Through the Yalla Pickup mobile application, clients can quickly schedule deliveries by simply inputting pickup and drop-off locations for their items. After selecting a date and time for their pickups, clients can then choose the size of vehicle that will best accommodate their deliveries. Leveraging a team of skilled packers, Yalla Pickup then handles the rest of the transportation process on their behalf.

To best serve the interests of its business clients, Yalla Pickup allows its users to track all their previous deliveries. Members can easily view a range of information, including fulfilled orders, invoices, and delivery comments.


  1. Rise

Rise is serving the growing population of migrants in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) by providing them with the tools that they need to improve their lives. As a dedicated wealth management platform, the startup helps migrant workers take control of their finances by connecting them with local banks. In cooperation with United Arab Bank, Rise is making it easier for migrants to open their own bank accounts, obtain debit cards, and establish retirement funds.

Outside of its financial services, Rise helps migrant workers build their skill sets so they can embark on a path towards a more successful future. Focusing primarily on the needs of female workers, the startup operates a nanny training program that helps prepare individuals for future employment.


  1. Tayar

tayar startupThe team at Tayar is leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) tools to help its clients live more sustainable lives. The startup’s flagship product enables users to closely monitor their various devices and determine which ones are consuming the most energy. Through this platform, individuals can connect to all their devices and control them from any location. Clients can also customize the Tayar platform for any electrical environment.

More importantly, Tayar leverages analytics to make predictions about certain devices. By saving this data, the platform then informs users about their energy consumption patterns and advises them on the best ways to save energy in the future.


  1. The Tempest

Since 2016, The Tempest has provides a platform for female millennials to engage with products and stories from around the world. A technology and media startup operated by women, for women, it facilitates groundbreaking conversation among millions of monthly readers.

To this end, The Tempest publishes its own audio and visual content that covers relevant topics for women. Moreover, the site allows its users to write and publish their own articles. Women from numerous nations and cultures contribute to the site, uploading pieces on everything from entertainment and weddings to news and social justice. Using this platform, The Tempest hopes to inspire more millennials to subvert the norm and make an impact on the world.


  1. Keza

kezaKeza is a startup that is serving the needs of businesses in the food and beverage and hospitality sectors. Since its inception, the business has developed a number of solutions to address such concerns as supply chain management and food sustainability. Restaurants and hotels, for example, can use the Keza Cloud to manage their inventories and run point-of-sale (POS) operations more efficiently.

Through the Keza Marketplace, food and beverage suppliers can connect more easily to clients and simplify the supply chain. Keza has also designed several consumer-driven solutions, including the Keza App. This platform delivers a better dining experience to restaurant patrons by allowing them to view menus, order, and pay in one convenient location. In addition, the startup is well known for its monthly subscription service, SnackeRx, which delivers locally sourced produce and other healthy foods.

With each of these services, Keza hopes to support all facets of the supply chain process for its clients. To this end, the startup is looking to encourage restaurants and other hospitality-based companies to pursue local, sustainable food for their businesses. By influencing its clients to make better supply chain choices, Keza aims to improve the availability of these products and make the food industry more environmentally friendly overall.