6 of the Top Startups in Alexandria, Egypt

For years, Cairo, Egypt, has been blossoming into one of the biggest entrepreneurial hubs in the Middle East—if not the entire world. However, Cairo is not the only Egyptian municipality with a successful startup ecosystem. More recently, the coastal city of Alexandria has begun to follow in Cairo’s footsteps by facilitating the growth of its own entrepreneurial scene.

The second-largest city in Egypt, Alexandria has become home to startups in every industry ranging from business services to social media. As the number of local startups has grown, so, too, has the support network that surrounds them. Since 2016, Alexandria’s startup ecosystem has witnessed the inception of both its first angel investor firm, Alexandria Angels, and its first incubator, IceAlex. Going forward, the work of these organizations will contribute to the further growth of Alexandria’s entrepreneurial sector.

As this community continues to grow, it is important to recognize the many startups that have laid the groundwork for its success. Read on to explore a list of the top startups in Alexandria today:


  1. Fil_Hood

fil_hoodlogoA groundbreaking social networking platform, Fil_Hood uses location services to facilitate connections between those who are in the same area. The startup does so by allowing users to create posts with location stamps, comment on the posts that others make, and even send private messages. Fil_Hood users also gain access to a news feed that contains messages from those who are in the vicinity. The features make it easy for users to stay up to date with information about the areas they visit and learn about fun local experiences. Most importantly, Fil_Hood allows individuals to connect with those in their area and find others with similar interests without requiring them to send friend requests.


  1. Creato Kids

creatokidsDeveloped over the course of three years, Creato Kids offers the first educational model that enables young children to learn about mechatronics engineering and science. To this end, the startup has created 14 method-based curricula that teach children how to think creatively and develop key scientific skills. Creato Kids has implemented its curricula within the programs at 15 international schools that serve 6,000 students.

Concurrently, Creato Kids has worked on the development of an interactive mobile application for students. Possessing eight years of K-12 educational experience, the startup’s team created this app to serve as a “personal assistant” that enables students to enhance their understanding of the school curricula. The app uses artificial intelligence to engage students in their education and facilitate a more entertaining academic experience. Creato Kids has also implemented this AI platform into its groundbreaking robotic assistant, Doco.


  1. Lienzo

lienzologoA web-based collaborative tool, Lienzo provides organizations with a means of creating and using an agile business model. By delivering its services in real time, the startup facilitates unprecedented communication between professional teams, advisors, and investors. Through this online platform, these parties can comment within the business model and view others’ contributions nearly instantaneously. Lienzo also features a two-tier comments system that allows users to leave feedback about both the larger business model and specific ideas. To encourage even greater business agility, the startup allows users to upload critical files to their business model canvas.

Committed to accessibility, Lienzo offers its online services in nine different languages and delivers a responsive model that can operate on any device. Users can enjoy all of these business solutions through a free monthly subscription. Should they wish to access more Lienzo canvases, they can opt for a premium membership.


  1. Massyaf

MassyaflogoA graduate of the Flat6Labs startup accelerator program, Massyaf has created an online marketplace through which renters and property owners can manage all facets of the vacation home rental process. The startup boasts an array of available villas, homes, and apartments in cities across Egypt, making it easy for individuals to find the properties that will best accommodate their vacation needs.

Property owners can easily market their homes on Massyaf and monitor all incoming bookings. The startup even allows them to directly contact renters in order to guarantee their satisfaction with each property. Massyaf also assists guests and owners in accessing the resources that they need to process their rental payments.


  1. Mesta3gel

Mesta3gelThe team of entrepreneurs behind Mesta3gel established their startup with the goal of tackling road congestion issues in Alexandria. To provide locals with a more efficient means of travel than standard public transportation, the startup has created an innovative bicycle sharing system. Mesta3gel enables customers to easily move between destinations throughout Alexandria without the need to invest in bicycles of their own. To assist locals throughout their journey, the startup also offers parking, maintenance, and navigation services.


  1. Elroshetta

ElroshettaEntrepreneur Mina Mikhail established the startup Elroshetta to address issues surrounding prescriptions in Egypt. Not only do locals often struggle to find the medicine that they need, but they are also often unable to purchase them at a reasonable price. Elroshetta is working to eliminate these roadblocks by providing the services that Egyptians need to access any prescription.

Through its mobile application, Elroshetta has created a list of more than 13,000 available medications. Patients can search through this index for the prescriptions that they need and view information about each drug. To make it easier for patients to obtain the medicine they need, Elroshetta allows them to place orders directly in the app and arrange for home delivery.