7 of the Best Delivery Startups in the Middle East

Whether businesses want to send products to their customers or individual consumers wish to purchase items online, the process of transporting items from one place to another can present its fair share of inconveniences. High shipping costs and lengthy delivery times are only some of the issues that have consumers of all kinds searching for better solutions.

Over the last several years, the Middle East has become home to a number of startups that have revolutionized the delivery process for local consumers. From food-delivery platforms to courier-booking services, here are seven of the best delivery startups in the Middle East today:


  1. souKare

souKare logoThe Dubai-based souKare is making it easier for customers across the globe to access the health-related items that they need most. In collaboration with trusted distributors, the startup has built a diverse stock of products from global manufacturers. Those looking for wellness items can browse through souKare’s array of fitness supplements and healthy snacks. The company is also known for its wide array of contact lenses, including both colored and corrective lenses.

Recognizing how hectic daily life can be, souKare has implemented a shipping policy that eliminates the hassle of ordering items and waiting days for them to arrive. For those living in Dubai, the startup offers a 90-minute delivery option on its contact products. International customers can also enjoy fast delivery times with souKare’s express shipping option.


  1. Gourmet Foods Express

gourmeyfoodslogoPartners Mohammed Abdulaal and Hana Dawood established Gourmet Foods Express to supply restaurants in Bahrain with fresh vegetables, fruits, and more. The startup, which has earned the coveted Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification, sources its products from select growers across the globe to ensure that the food is of the very best quality.

Gourmet Foods Express allows its clients to create their own delivery schedules, and there is even a three-hour delivery option, which guarantees that customers will receive their products in a timely manner. Most recently, the startup expanded its delivery services to include individuals outside of the food industry. Through a separate online portal, these people can purchase fresh products and have them delivered right to their doors.


  1. Bosta

bosta logoLooking to become a major player in Egypt’s logistics sector, Bosta offers on-demand delivery services to local businesses. The startup is making the delivery process simpler than ever by allowing companies to request couriers with just a few clicks. Using the Bosta platform, business clients just input a pickup and drop-off location for any delivery that they need to make. The startup will then send one of its couriers to complete the delivery, during which time the client can sit back and relax while following the driver on a live map. Bosta even enables businesses to send notifications to their customers when their deliveries are on-route to their location. Further, the startup’s drivers accept cash on delivery, which simplifies payments for businesses as well as their clients.


  1. OrderMe

orderme logoSince its founding in 2014, OrderMe has simplified the food-delivery process for restaurants in Saudi Arabia. To this end, the startup has developed an interface that allows businesses to manage all of their deliveries on an order-by-order basis. OrderMe provides its users with custom maps that they can use to create more efficient delivery routes and track orders while they are in transit. Aside from its delivery services, the startup allows restaurants to build online profiles, create digital menus, accept orders through social media, and more.


  1. Wing

wing logoFounded in 2016, Wing facilitates fast and easy deliveries for clients in the UAE. Through the startup’s mobile application or its web interface, clients can book and manage delivery services. Wing handles all facets of the delivery process, from picking up orders to handling any customer issues that may arise.

For business merchants, Wing has developed a unique Merchant Dashboard that gives them complete oversight of their orders. Through this platform, they can create multiple orders at once, track all deliveries, and view their cash on delivery balance. Wing also provides delivery services to individual clients in the UAE who are looking to ship packages internationally.


  1. Jybly

jybly logoAn innovative online shipping solution, Jybly graduated from startup accelerator Flat6Labs Jeddah in 2016. Since then, the company has created a faster and more convenient shopping experience for customers. Instead of paying for high shipping prices on international e-commerce sites, consumers can save money by purchasing their items directly through Jybly. When browsing for products, users need only copy the links to the items that they wish to purchase and paste them on the startup’s website. Jybly will then manage the entire order and delivery process on the customer’s behalf. The startup offers these services at highly competitive rates, which enables consumers to save money on all their deliveries.


  1. Carry

Headquartered in Dubai, Carry provides point-to-point delivery services to individual and business clients in three Emirates. Through the startup’s mobile application, users can arrange deliveries almost instantaneously. With as little information as pickup and drop-off locations, Carry dispatches one of its drivers to retrieve deliveries within 60 minutes. Leveraging a fleet of vans and motorbikes, the startup can transport packages of any size to any destination. Carry users can even track their deliveries to ensure that they arrive safely.

With the needs of consumers in mind, Carry developed a system that eliminates the hassle of arranging deliveries via phone call and waiting for drivers. The startup offers all of these services at no extra cost to its clients, which helps them to enjoy a more convenient and affordable delivery experience.