7 of the Most Interesting Startups in Amman

Following in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates before it, Jordan has cultivated one of the most prolific startup scenes in the Middle East. Although the country has always been famous for its archaeological site in Petra, in recent years it has made a name for itself in the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The capital city of Amman has contributed the most to this progress, serving as a home for countless startups that work with clients throughout the region and across the globe. From online payment portals to luxury e-commerce sites, here are seven of the most interesting startups in Amman today:


  1. Jobedu

jobedu logoOne of Amman’s most influential “creative brands,” Jobedu helps designers from the Middle East and beyond bring their work to life. Anyone can submit a design to the startup, which will then transform it into various products for purchase. Those interested in a designer’s work can then shop for all manner of apparel, home goods, and art prints that feature these designs. By offering such a wide range of high-quality items, Jobedu makes it easier for artists to reach new audiences and sell their work.


  1. HyperPay

hyper pay logoKnown as the “fastest-growing payment gateway” in the Middle East, HyperPay has offered catered payment-processing solutions to businesses since 2010. The startup’s agile e-commerce solutions helps online as well as brick-and-mortar merchants improve their own businesses and enhance their customer-service capabilities by enabling them to take payments on tablets, desktop computers, and smartphones. With such a comprehensive digital platform at their fingertips, businesses enjoy seamless payment integration with any website and can offer superior data security for their customers. HyperPay’s services also prepare businesses for market growth by delivering back-end analytics about sales trends.



top steering logoHaving achieved more than $1.5 million in funding from such investors as Oasis500 and GearUP Saudi Arabia, TOP STEERING has become the go-to source for automobile parts and accessories among users in the Middle East. Whether clients need to find spare parts for their cars or wish to add exciting embellishments to their bicycles, they can find all that they need at this online shop. Aside from basic parts, TOP STEERING boasts a comprehensive range of products, including automobile oils, sound systems, and vehicle-mounted cameras.


  1. Edzance

edzance logoEstablished in 2016, Edzance has created an online platform through which students and teachers can collaborate on academic work. Users begin by signing up for the startup’s expansive directory, which connects them to others using social networks at local learning institutions.

Edzance helps members of the academic community build relationships on several levels. Students can use the platform to meet other scholars and make new friends. Edzance also enables users to establish groups at their universities, share academic publications, and even create professional resumes.


  1. Sowt

sowt logoSince its inception in 2013, Sowt has worked diligently to make online communication more personable. In place of the traditional photographs and messages that appear on typical social media sites, the startup has created a network that focuses on the human voice. Sowt capitalizes on the innately human ability to communicate through speech by encouraging its users to interact with one another through vocal conversation.

Through the support of the European Foundation for Democracy, Sowt has grown into a unique podcast website. Its users can follow others on the platform, listen to their podcasts, leave voice comments, and even share their own content. Every podcast goes directly to the feeds in their network, thereby ensuring that their voice will be heard. With these tools, Sowt hopes to foster necessary conversations about important topics.


  1. Wysada

wysada logoAmman’s Wysada is looking to become the region’s top destination for high-end goods by serving as a “sales club” that is open only to registered members. These individuals can log in to the Wysada website each day and view available deals on posh home goods. Offering everything from dining accessories to furniture, the startup features these special deals for around four days at a time. Wysada sells the majority of its products at discounts of up to 70 percent, thus enabling its members to affordably pursue a luxurious lifestyle.


  1. Friendture

friendture logoIn 2016, entrepreneur Rola Fayyad established her startup, Friendture, to make traveling more exciting for all. Known for “digitizing travel experiences,” the company allows travelers to see cities in brand-new ways. Whether users are traveling for personal reasons or for business purposes, they can use Friendture to find thrilling activities and connect with other users in any location.

The startup also caters to the needs of those who are traveling in a group, providing a way for them to seamlessly plan their experiences. Through either the Friendture website or its accompanying mobile application, these users can also chat about their vacation ideas, share photographs, and split costs. This eliminates the need to create several different online groups when arranging experiences and ensures better online privacy.

Those who manage their vacation activities through Friendture also have the opportunity to earn rewards points. For every excursion they book or offer, the startup will add loyalty points to their accounts.