7 of the Top Startups in Jordan

As the Middle Eastern entrepreneurial scene continues to grow, an increasing number of startups are emerging as leaders in their respective countries. In 2017, Forbes Middle East and the World Economic Forum each compiled their own lists of the top 100 startups in the region. These lists recognize the most innovative, well-funded, and influential startups from across the Arab world.

Several Jordanian startups appeared on these two prestigious lists for their groundbreaking work in every field ranging from online networking to e-commerce. Read on to explore a few of the top-ranked startups in Jordan today.

  1. ArabiaWeather

arabia weather logoThe Amman-based ArabiaWeather took the 10th spot on Forbes’ Top 100 Startups in the Arab World list, solidifying its place as one of Jordan’s most influential startups. Established in 2012, this company has since become the source for weather forecasting for audiences across the Middle East. ArabiaWeather leverages proprietary data and localized information to provide its clients with the most accurate weather reporting available.

On a business-to-consumer basis, the startup delivers weather data to individuals both online and through its app. Not only can users view traditional weather information, such as wind speed and daily temperatures, but they can also gauge how the day’s weather will affect their health and outdoor activities.

ArabiaWeather also focuses much of its work in the realm of business-to-business reporting. Working alongside all manner of oil and gas, construction, and airline entities, the startup helps its clients overcome weather-related challenges and improve their daily operations.

  1. Abjjad

AbjjadlogoA unique type of social networking site, Abjjad earned recognition on the World Economic Forum‘s list of 4IR Startups—those companies leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Designed specifically for lovers of literature, the startup has created a forum in which readers and writers can recommend books, find new favorites, and exchange creative ideas. People who sign up with Abjjad have access to the virtual bookshelves that make up the company’s online library. As users read and discover books, they can leave reviews and connect with others in the community. Any user can register additional books, which Abjjad will add to its library.

  1. MadfooatCom

madfooatlogoSince its inception in 2011, MadfooatCom has become the go-to source for eDebit payments in the Middle East. The startup, which took 17th on Forbes’ top 100 list, provides its clients with centralized electronic bill presentation and payment (EBPP) capabilities.

At any time of day or night, MadfooatCom users can access their billing information online and make any necessary payments. During this process, the startup facilitates a connection between customers’ banking institutions and billing entities so that every payment goes through securely and quickly. This service not only helps to reduce lines at billing centers, but it also increases the number of payment avenues and ensures that all parties are satisfied with the payment process as a whole.

  1. Aumet

aumet logoAnother one of the World Economic Forum’s top 100 startups, Aumet has created an avenue through which medical manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare organizations can connect with one another. The startup has designed its services to accommodate the daily needs of hospitals around the world. To this end, Aumet provides these end users with information about the latest medical products and access to the medical supplies that they need most. Through Aumet, hospitals can even find reviews of individual products and suppliers. As a result, the company is enabling suppliers to facilitate easier ordering processes for their clients while simultaneously boosting their sales.

  1. ShopGo

ShopGo logoRanked number 34 on Forbes’ list of the Top 100 Startups in the Arabic World, ShopGo works hand-in-hand with small businesses to help them grow into successful ventures. Since 2012, the startup has allowed budding companies from all across the Middle East take their services online. By utilizing the Magento e-commerce platform, ShopGo can provide its clients with the best solutions for their e-stores.

ShopGo can accommodate the needs of various small businesses, whether they operate from the home of a first-time business owner or have expert businesspeople at the helm. All clients can choose from several website themes that are specifically designed for e-commerce. ShopGo includes features such as multiplatform accessibility and dual-language capabilities, thereby enabling businesses to create the websites that they need.

  1. Kharabeesh

kharabeesh logoSince its inception in 2008 as a small art house developing its own animations for Middle Eastern audiences, Kharabeesh has grown into a multichannel website through which other digital creators can bring their most innovative media projects to light. The company, which boasts a collection of digital content across such genres as gaming, animation, tech, and travel, appears on the World Economic Forum’s list of top 100 startups.

As a producer of content, Kharabeesh has built a vast network of talented creators who use the site to host their work. These digital creators have the opportunity to collaborate with the startup’s team of experts on the development of their work so that they may best represent their own brand. Once the content goes live, Kharabeesh helps drive views so that the submission gets the most attention possible. Overall, the startup garners an impressive 90 million monthly views from its network of 5 million subscribers.

  1. Tamatem

tamatem logoA mobile games publisher in Amman, Tamatem is another addition to Forbes’ list of the Top 100 Startups in the Arabic World. The company regularly works with clients who want to reach wider audiences with the games they have developed. Tamatem assists these individuals by helping them localize their games to different areas of the MENA region. It also increases their monetization through in-app purchasing features. By offering services such as these, the startup is giving more game creators the power to tap into the ever-growing mobile-gaming market within the Middle East.