7 of the Best Startups for Students in the Middle East

Between excelling in classes and following a busy schedule, student life can be difficult to manage. As such, those in the midst of their academic careers can often use a helping hand. For students in the Middle East, there are a number of startups that cater to their various educational needs. Whether an elementary school student needs after-school tutoring or a prospective university graduate is looking to discover his or her dream job, these companies are helping to guide these learners to a successful future.

Here are seven of the best startups for students in the Middle East:

  1. Acadox

acadoxHeadquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Acadox delivers a full-service Learning Management System (LMS) that is helping students everywhere to take charge of their education. Through the site, students can access course management tools and online classrooms that enable them to connect with educational resources from each of their lessons.

Acadox also features an innovative Community Social Hub platform, which allows student users to collaborate with one another and discuss course-related topics. All the while, users can seamlessly record their various academic achievements and monitor their progress directly through the LMS.

  1. Nafham

nafhamAvailable in five different Middle Eastern countries, Nafham provides tutoring resources to students of all ages. The startup’s founders established the site to help minimize the high costs of tutoring. To this end, Nafham features more than 20,000 free educational videos to its user base of 500,000 Arab students. Each of these learning tools corresponds with official school curricula, making it easy for students to find the help that they need with any academic field.

  1. Jibber Jabber

Jibber JabberDubai startup Jibber Jabber is looking to solve one of the most common problems that students face: a lack of organization. Between all their quizzes, lectures, and assignments, it can be nearly impossible for students to remain on top of their work and know what to prepare for which class on any given day.

With the Jibber Jabber app, however, students can easily input reminders for each of their courses directly onto an interactive calendar. This innovative platform displays a dot for each task that is due on each day of the week, making it easy for users to see their volume of work at a glance. To keep students up to date with their coursework, Jibber Jabber even provides them with notifications for upcoming events and due dates.

  1. Smartable

SmartableNamed as one of the Forbes Middle East Top 50 Saudi Startups 2016, Smartable is helping to guide Arab high school and university students toward their dream careers. To this end, the startup has revolutionized guidance counseling by turning it into a game. Students who are looking for career direction can use one of Smartable’s numerous online tools to assess their skills and determine how their talents align with different job roles and university majors. With more than 800 scientifically tested evaluations available, users can test everything from individual skills to behavioral qualifications.

After assessing their career aptitude, students can then use the site to collaborate with advisors who will help them target their educational activities towards their future jobs. Throughout the entire career development process, students can connect to the Smartable online dashboard and earn points for each step they take towards their goals.

  1. Gradberry

gradberryThere is nothing more difficult for university students and new graduates than finding career opportunities in their area. They can begin their search by utilizing online tools such as Gradberry. Upon signing up with the site, students must complete a talent profile that will highlight their skills to potential employers. Gradberry seamlessly integrates with its users’ Github accounts and professional portfolios to make this process easier.

Students who are looking to hone their professional skills can also take part in one of Gradberry’s numerous online courses. From Adobe Photoshop to personal finance, these lessons cover a wide array of career-oriented competencies.

  1. Synkers

synkersFor university students, finding help with their studies is not always an easy task. Whether they are looking to prepare for their GRE or simply need to improve their GPA, students can find whatever help they may need through Synkers. This Lebanese startup is helping more than 20,000 students across the Middle East connect with over 700 local tutors.

Via a mobile application, Arab students can easily choose which subject or topic they would like to cover and receive a list of available tutors who specialize in that area of study. They can then choose a tutor based off of factors such as where they live and how much they have to spend. The Synkers app then makes it easy for them to schedule time with their tutor at home, on campus, or anywhere else.

  1. Wade7

Saudi entrepreneur Wesam Yaghmour designed his startup, Wade7, with Arabic students in mind. He created a platform through which they could supplement their mathematics education with entertaining video content. With the help of talented engineers and educators, the startup has developed over 1,000 videos and exercises for students at every elementary grade level.

These mini lessons take a different approach to traditional mathematics courses, which introduce educational concepts in hypothetical situations. Wade7’s content helps young students hone their mathematics skills by applying each idea to a real-life example. The startup’s services are also less expensive than traditional tutoring, which ensures that all Saudi students will have access to the educational tools that they need.