6 of the Top Startups That Graduated from Accelerator Oasis500

oasis500logoThe success of the startup ecosystem in the Middle East would not be possible without the numerous support networks that are helping entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to light. One such entity is Oasis500, an Amman, Jordan-based organization that provides acceleration, mentoring, and funding to early-stage startups. With these resources, startups leave the firm fully prepared to turn their concepts into successful enterprises.

Over the years, Oasis500 has worked with numerous startups in the technology and creative fields from across the Middle Eastern region. Here are a few of the graduates that have made the biggest impact in their respective industries.

  1. SocialDice

socialdicelogoSince joining the Oasis500 acceleration program in 2014, SocialDice has become one of the top hiring services startups in the Middle East. Co-founder Saed Shela formulated the idea for the company after struggling to navigate the hiring process at his former job. Upon posting an open job position for a technical worker, he received resumes from thousands of job seekers. The sheer volume of applicants made it difficult to find the most qualified candidates and keep in contact with them throughout the hiring process. Shela then set out to develop technology that would simplify the internal hiring process for other companies.

Today, SocialDice utilizes this technology to provide hiring solutions that firms need to publicize open job positions, collect resumes, find job candidates online, and more. Using the startup’s branding features, firms can easily develop a careers website that will attract more job candidates with SEO content that adheres to the company brand and requires little effort. SocialDice also makes it easy for firms to manage all of their job applicants within a single interface, thereby centralizing hiring efforts for the entire team.

  1. Play3Arabi

play3arabi logoFocused on the entire Middle East and North Africa region, Play3Arabi works with game developers to publish their work in the local market. The startup primarily caters to the needs of those who create mobile games in Arabic, providing all the resources that they need to reach an audience of over 300 million individuals who speak the language. Play3Arabi begins by finding Arabic developers, after which they work with them on the advertising and release of their game titles. In addition, the startup regularly works with its clients to localize their games for specific Arabic audiences across the MENA region.

Over the years, Play3Arabi has built a diverse portfolio of mobile games. One of its most successful titles is Heidi: Alpine Adventure, a game which follows a girl named Heidi as she travels through the hills with her friends. Play3Arabi has also helped publish the game Arab Racing. Those who download this title have an opportunity to race through five different Arabic locations along with other online players.

  1. MeGraduate

MeGraduate logoAlso known as Middle East Graduate, MeGraduate helps students achieve their educational dreams at universities across the globe. To this end, the startup provides web-based consulting services to students who do not know how to further their education or otherwise need assistance meeting their academic goals. By working with the team at MeGraduate, students can begin the process of applying for educational programs ranging from undergraduate degrees to work training courses. The startup can also help them to select specific programs and universities depending on their academic skills, ensuring that they make the most of their education.

  1. Feedeed

fedeed logoAnother top graduate of Oasis500 is Feedeed, a website that allows Middle Eastern businesses to find skilled professionals for their digital needs. By simply searching for the work they want to have done, consumers are instantaneously matched with a qualified expert. Feedeed thus eliminates the need to bid on services offered from multiple professionals at once. Instead, clients can directly contact an expert, agree on a quote together, and seamlessly make payments using the same online system.

Using this interface, Feedeed clients regularly seek professional help with services such as translating text into technical language, creating videos, and building corporate websites. Regardless of which services they seek, clients can ensure that they will finish their projects efficiently and without exceeding their budget.

  1. Hashdoc

hashdoc logoFor those in the professional realm, locating and accessing the documents that they need to complete their work can prove a daunting task. The Middle Eastern startup Hashdoc is making this process easier by creating a database of more than 300,000 industry documents. Entities in every industry ranging from human resources to education can use this collection of data to find the resources they need. Whether they are looking for white papers or presentation templates, users can access documents that focus on their sector.

Moreover, Hashdoc allows professionals to upload their own files to the site. They can either provide them for free or require their audience to pay for more exclusive documents. No matter which level of contribution they choose, users gain the opportunity to boost their impact online and add to professional discussions in their fields.

  1. Websity

websity.me logoIn April 2013, Websity joined the acceleration program at Oasis500. Since then, the startup has taken the Middle Eastern market by storm due to its one-of-a-kind website development tools. Using Websity, online users can create stunning websites without the need for expertise in either graphic design or coding.

Instead of turning to expensive web design services, individuals can work with the startup to develop either personal or professional websites at a much lower cost. Websity also allows its clients to customize their websites using different background images, font styles, and pre-made site sections.