7 of the Top Startups in Turkey Right Now

Numerous entrepreneurial hubs have been emerging all across the Middle East in the past few years. From the UAE to Egypt, these countries have seen the success of startups in nearly every sector. Most recently, Turkey has fostered its own startup ecosystem.

Though Turkey’s entrepreneurial sector is not fully developed compared to other countries in the region, it has still given rise to a number of groundbreaking startups. With the help of local venture capitalists and government entities alike, these companies have found unprecedented success in the local market. Read on to explore a few of the top startups in Turkey.

  1. Tapu

Tapu logoTurkey’s real estate market is booming, with over 1 million properties bought and sold each year. Despite this progress, the market has experienced a decline in web-based property sales due to a lack of transparency and reliability. In 2015, Tapu arrived on the scene to help fill this gap in the market. An online real estate auction platform, it provides unique business-to-consumer buying solutions for properties that have a legal appraisal.

Prospective buyers can search through available properties based on a variety of search criteria. If someone wants to make an offer on a property, then he or she will need to participate in the auction for that address.

  1. MealBox

Meal Box LogoIn 2012, three former business managers came together to establish the meal subscription service MealBox after failing to find healthy meal options for those who are not proficient in home cooking. To provide top-quality eat-at-home meals, the startup has created a multi-tier subscription model for its clients. Whether they are looking to purchase a single meal or feed a family of 10 for several months, they can find a plan that will suit their needs. MealBox offers dishes for every palate, with options ranging from healthy dishes to meat-based fare.

  1. Visionteractive

Visionteractive logoSince its inception in 2013, Visionteractive has designed numerous hardware devices that enable individuals to interact with social media platforms in new, innovative ways. The startup works with more than 200 business clients to develop products that will help them bring their brands to consumers across the Middle East.

Visionteractive has unveiled creations such as Socialbreak, a hot beverage machine that integrates with Twitter. Companies use the machine to share their brands by selecting a hashtag that individuals can use in tweets to receive a free drink from the machine.

Another one of Visionteractive’s most creative products is Presstagram. This machine provides “Instagram souvenirs” to those who interact with it during designated events. Individuals must simply include a special hashtag when they post a photo to Instagram to receive a free print-out of that shot. They can also choose to adorn their pictures with a custom frame that features brand marketing materials.

  1. Dugun

Dugun logoOver the last several years, Dugun has become Turkey’s premier online wedding marketplace for brides-to-be. The site features an array of planning tools that help clients easily create their perfect wedding day. With these resources, brides can create a wedding agenda, set a budget, and even determine what the weather will be like on their wedding day. Brides can also use Dugun to complete important planning duties, such as searching for a wedding dress and selecting a wedding photographer. Those who need further assistance with planning their weddings can use the site to connect with local firms that can fulfill any remaining needs.

  1. BiTaksi

BiTaksi LogoAvailable to consumers in both Ankara and Istanbul, BiTaksi is an on-demand taxi service that can help travelers get to their destinations safely and with ease. With as little as a push of a button, individuals can book a taxi ride, and a driver will arrive at their location for pickup. To make payments as convenient as possible, BiTaksi allows its clients to pay with either cash or a credit card. The app also lets passengers change their preferred method of payment at any time.

  1. Insider

Insider logoEstablished in 2012, Insider has created algorithm tools that enable online companies to make crucial marketing predictions. Using its InOne platform, the startup enables marketing professionals to consolidate all their marketing data into useful segments. Additionally, Insider delivers solutions that enable companies to track the ever-evolving preferences of its customers so they can better adjust to these changes. By utilizing artificial intelligence for data-mining purposes, the startup has revolutionized the process of making crucial marketing choices. These solutions are enabling firms in every sector to draw more unique online users and page hits on their websites every month.

  1. OBilet

Obilet LogoTurkish residents who are planning to travel can turn to online booking platform OBilet to help make all the necessary arrangements. The startup works directly with some of the country’s most reputable bus companies to provide fares to dozens of locations. In addition, clients can compare the prices of each firm before purchasing their tickets, thereby ensuring they get the best ticket for their budgets.

OBilet also features airplane booking services for individuals who need to get to their destinations quickly. Regardless of how they choose to travel, however, clients can make easy, secure ticket payments through the startup’s website and mobile application.