7 Egyptian Startups That You Should Be Watching Right Now

In recent years, Egypt has been witnessing the rise of countless groundbreaking startups. As local entrepreneurship continues to flourish, it is important to pay attention to up-and-coming companies that are positioned to become major players in the industry. From service providers to artisans, here are seven Egyptian startups that you need to be watching right now.

1. Fixawy

FixawyUnder the leadership of its founder, Amr Ibrahim, Fixawy achieved second place in the RiseUp Summit Microsoft Egypt competition. Since then, the company has taken Egypt by storm due to its unique customer service model. Available to residents of both Alexandria and Cairo, Fixawy connects its users with local home service professionals known as “fixers.”

With more than 100 affiliate contractors, the startup provides services across eight different specialties. Whether an individual needs help with a plumbing issue or wants to install an air conditioning unit, he or she can work with Fixawy to find a reputable handyman that can help them. The startup has also created a payment system that eliminates the hassle of negotiating on the price of a service. Instead, clients pay a set price for each completed job.

2. Rakna

RaknalogoPeople who live in the largest Egyptian cities know too well how congested the streets can become each day. With so many cars on the road, drivers often face the challenge of finding a parking space. To help minimize this issue, local startup Rakna offers private valet services to drivers in Cairo. Those who need parking assistance can easily arrange for one of the startup’s valets to retrieve their car from anywhere within the available service area. As the valet drives their car to one of Rakna’s affiliated garages, users can use the startup’s app to see exactly where their car is parked. When they are ready to leave again, users need only request that a valet return their car to them. Using the Rakna app, they can immediately pay for their valet services and leave a rating.

3. Tripdizer

tripdizer logoFeatured in numerous Egyptian media outlets, Tripdizer has become the nation’s go-to source for inexpensive vacation packages. To book a vacation through the site, users need only input their point of departure and select up to three destinations across the globe. Whether they wish to see the sights in Italy or lounge on the beaches of the Maldives, they can customize a travel package that accommodates their interests. Tripdizer then helps them find the vacation package that will best fit their budget. In order to further assist users in their vacation planning, the startup provides travel tips and helpful information about various destinations.

4. Qarinly

qarinly logoFormerly known as Perligos, Qarinly is the first company of its kind to provide a dedicated platform for customer feedback. Instead of having to go through a call center to send complaints to local businesses, users can leave their comments and opinions directly on the site. Qarinly ensures that each complaint makes it to the right business, allowing consumers to monitor the progress of their feedback as it moves through the system. Those who do not have direct concerns may simply use the startup’s rating system to leave general feedback about the service that they received from any given business. Utilizing this information, Qarinly gives each company a “Satisfaction Index” that helps other consumers gauge the pros and cons of working with them.

5. Orcas

orcas logoParents across Egypt who need babysitting or tutoring services for their children should look no further than Orcas. The startup works with tutors who specialize in all grade levels and a wide range of subjects, thus enabling parents to find the help that their children need to achieve academic success. For those seeking babysitting services, Orcas has built a network of highly trained childcare professionals who allow parents to leave their children at home without worry. Through the startup’s mobile application, parents can easily browse through lists of these qualified professionals and request a time and day for whatever services they may require.

6. Kiliim

Kiliim logoEgypt has long been known for the production of kilims, elegant carpets that artisans produce in the style of woven tapestries. Local entrepreneur Ibrahim Shams sought to revitalize the market for kilim production after looking to buy one of these carpets for his newborn daughter. Unable to find well-made kilims, he established his startup, Kiliim, to support this craft and the artisans that practice it.

Through his startup, Shams works with skilled craftspeople in the village of Fowwa to produce modern versions of traditional kilims. Using only the best dyes and yarn, Kiliim sells both carpets and pillows to clients across the globe. The enterprise has thus enabled Fowwa’s artisans to continue one of their most ancient traditions and re-establish their village as a hub of excellent craftsmanship.

7. Ta2heal

Ta2heal logoTa2heal took first place and a prize of EGP 60,000 from the RiseUp Microsoft Egypt competition for its innovative platform that provides parental assistance services. Founder Ahmed Mahfouz established Ta2heal after seeing how few reliable services were available to the families of the more than 60,000 Egyptian children who live with autism. Through this online platform, parents can access a wealth of resources for both themselves and their children.

Using the Ta2heal “Parent Trainer,” parents can access videos that teach them the proper way to fulfill the needs of their children. These certified educational materials will also help them understand how to build upon their children’s skills in areas ranging from recognizing facial expressions to communicating socially. In addition, parents can contact Ta2Heal to arrange an appointment with a specialist, who will come to their home and provide additional treatment.