You Need to Know About These Innovative Customer Service Startups

Excellent customer service is arguably one of the most crucial elements of business. Growth would not even be achievable without a strong, diverse network of customers.

However, it can be difficult for companies to reach their target audiences, understand what their customers are looking for, and establish strong relationships with them. As a result, many companies end up inundating their customers with too many phone calls and emails in an attempt to make the all-important customer service connection.

In regions such as the Middle East, this problem is more pertinent than ever. With a lack of consumer understanding, companies from across the region have been unable to provide the customer service that locals are seeking. To help these businesses move down a more successful path, a number of entrepreneurs in the region have established startups that are helping them enhance their customer service capabilities.

Read on to explore a few of the startups that are innovating customer service in the Middle East:

NABD System

NABD systems logoA Gartner 2017 FrontRunner for Software Advice, NABD delivers the help desk technology that companies need to facilitate a total customer support transformation. Companies with disparate communications systems can use these services to create a multi-channel means of access for their customers.

With a comprehensive help desk available via desktop and mobile app, consumers will be able to easily reach a company via outlets such as social media, phone, and instant messaging. This makes it easier than ever for customers to get in contact with local businesses, whether they need to ask for assistance with a faulty product or simply touch base with their internet provider.

On the business level, NABD can improve the efficiency of the companies themselves. By providing a central location for consumer access, the startup allows businesses to be available to their clients at any time of day and decreases the amount of time that it takes to resolve whatever issues they may have.


urbanbuz logoIn 2013, entrepreneurs Mustafa Sadek and Salam Saadeh leveraged their respective experience in technology and finance to establish UrbanBuz, a consumer engagement platform. Looking to cater to any consumer relations needs that its clients may have, the startup provides solutions in areas ranging from loyalty to customer relationship management (CRM).

Unlike other companies of its kind, UrbanBuz works with businesses to create customer programming that fits their own unique needs. By deviating from the “one-size-fits-all” approach of similar firms, the startup provides companies with an unparalleled opportunity to improve their customer service.

Those that require assistance with customer engagement, for example, will have access to an online dashboard that allows them to manage their advertising campaigns and communicate with their audience in numerous languages. With these tools, UrbanBuz is enabling its clients to develop personalized, engaging consumer content that will help them create better professional relationships.


raychatlogoThe Tabriz, Iran-based Raychat has developed an innovative customer communication model for businesses. This solution is helping companies turn new website visitors into established customers by integrating a chat feature onto their webpages.

In order to maximize the interactions that they have with potential customers, businesses can use Raychat to send automatic messages to each site visitor. By enabling conversation 24 hours a day, companies are able to forego their reliance on less efficient methods of communication, such as email and phone, when connecting with customers. Instead, Raychat enables them to provide immediate responses to questions from their audience.

i/o Grow

i/o grow logoHeadquartered in Qatar, i/o Grow is making it easier for companies to handle their online CRM operations. Like other companies of its kind, the startup offers an array of standardized features such as lead generation and task management. However, i/o Grow has integrated many of its services with online social media sites to provide better CRM oversight than ever.

Using the startup’s Chrome Extension feature, for example, companies can take their entire contact lists and instantaneously use them to generate new business leads. By automating this process, companies will be able to spend less time on tedious data entry and more time on serving their clients. Additionally, i/o Grow supports CRM capabilities by merging its services with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Tarifah Inc.

tarifah logoSince its inception in 2014, Tarifah has provided innovative information technology services to companies encountering issues with their current customer service capabilities. To this end, the startup has developed a software-as-a-service (SaaS) consumer engagement model that allows businesses to track the behavior of their clients and reward them for their loyalty.

Over the years, Tarifah has built a diverse network of business partners across Dubai. Each of these companies can connect with the startup’s mobile app and monitor the traffic that comes into their stores throughout each business day. With a heightened understanding of their customers, these businesses can adjust to the purchasing preferences of each and provide them with offers that will best appeal to them.

Tarifah also opens a line of communication between customers and businesses, enabling the exchange of messages regarding feedback and client experiences. With this tool, Dubai’s businesses are thus better-equipped to build stronger relationships with existing customers and take on brand new leads.