These 7 Startups Can Help You Complete Your Daily Chores

Our daily lives can sometimes feel inundated with chore after tedious chore. From keeping the living room clean to buying everything you need to prepare dinner, the tasks can seem endless. There is, however, an easier way to get all your daily chores done, with little to no effort on your part. A number of startups from across the Middle East provide all the services that you need to check off every item on your daily to-do list. Read on to explore seven of the startups that you can turn to when you need help finishing your daily chores.

  1. GreenIQ

greenIQ logoFor those who have lawns and gardens to take care of, remembering to water them on a daily basis can be quite the task. Israeli entrepreneur Odi Dahan has created a solution to this problem with his startup, GreenIQ. Looking to improve upon traditional garden irrigation systems, Mr. Dahan developed the Smart Garden Hub, a computerized system that allows homeowners to fully automate the process of outdoor watering.

The Smart Garden Hub technology independently connects with the cloud to gauge important information such as prospective weather conditions and sun movements. With this data, the system can adjust the watering schedule for users’ gardens. Homeowners can also choose to access the system via mobile phone or computer and turn on irrigation manually. This makes it easy for them to keep their gardens looking beautiful whether they are at home or on the go.

  1. Ghaseel

ghaseel logoThe first startup of its kind in Kuwait, Ghaseel helps local consumers keep their vehicles looking clean and polished. Instead of needing to wash their cars themselves, individuals can turn to this online marketplace for all their cleaning needs. Through Ghaseel’s mobile app, car owners can search for reputable companies in their local area and browse through available appointment times with each one. During their search, they can compare the different service offerings and costs at each company before making their final decision. Whether they need a basic car cleaning or are looking for a full VIP service, consumers can arrange for the provider of their choice to wash their vehicles right at their homes.

  1. On Leash

Individuals who lead hectic lives may find it difficult to fit daily dog walks into their schedules. Through startups such as On Leash, however, pet owners can make sure that their furry friends get all the exercise that they need each day. Launched by teen entrepreneur Mariam El Wetery, the startup offers professional dog walking services to the residents of Cairo. Clients who need someone to take their dogs out for regular walks can select the one-month package, which provides four 40-minute walks every week. On Leash’s dog walkers use GPS technology during each excursion so that owners can see where their pets are at all times.

  1. Washmen

washmen logoDoing laundry does not always have to be a hassle. Those who need a little assistance completing this chore can turn to startups such as Washmen. Serving clients across the UAE, this company provides all manner of regular laundry services as well as dry cleaning.

Washmen allows locals to arrange for on-demand pickup of their dirty laundry at the most affordable prices possible. Customers can send in individual pieces for cleaning and pressing or choose the “All You Can Wash Bag” service, which enables them to send in up to 40 items for a set price. Once Washmen finishes cleaning all the items from a single order, they will bring it right back to the consumer’s doorstep. Individuals can arrange for all of these services right through their mobile phones, making it more convenient than ever to get their laundry done.

  1. InstaShop

instashop logoNot everyone has enough time to run to the supermarket. For the sake of convenience, many individuals now turn to online delivery companies instead of making grocery trips themselves.

Dubai has one such startup that allows locals to order any groceries that they may need. InstaShop is a grocery delivery app that handles the entire shopping process for its customers, who need only select the products they want and place their orders. Users can schedule deliveries, or they can arrange for lightning shipping, which can take as little as half an hour depending on where they live.

  1. Cook-A-Box

cookabox logoThose who need an even more convenient way to get what they need to cook dinner should look no further than Cook-A-Box. This Dubai-based startup virtually eliminates the need to plan out weekly menus and purchase groceries by supplying customers with pre-selected food products. Every week, Cook-A-Box unveils a new list of recipes, each of which take no longer than 35 minutes to prepare. After customers select which recipes they want to try, the Cook-A-Box team hand-selects and measures out each grocery item before sending them to the client along with the corresponding recipes.

  1. JustMop

justmop logoAmidst all the responsibilities of daily life, keeping the house clean may be difficult for many busy individuals. To get these chores done, Dubai residents can turn to startups like JustMop. Since its debut in early 2015, the company has become the go-to maid service provider for those living in both the UAE and Qatar. All affiliate cleaning providers for JustMop are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet standards of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Locals can book services with JustMop’s maids through the startup’s website or their mobile device. Within only a minute, they can choose from a variety of services, decide how often they need cleanings, and book their first appointment. From there, maids can handle every cleaning duty, from making the bed to mopping the floors, leaving homeowners with the sole task of filling up their newfound free time.