5 of the Top Parent-Oriented Startups in the Middle East

Parenting is, without a doubt, a difficult job. From understanding what to purchase for your baby when it arrives to learning how to take care of your new little one, there are many things that every parent needs to know. For residents of the Middle East, the past several years have brought countless resources that can help them with all of their parenting needs.

Due to the efforts of the region’s entrepreneurs, parents now have greater access to all manner of websites and retailers that can help to make their jobs easier. Here are five of the top parent-oriented startups in the Middle East today:

  1. SuperMama

supermama startupFormer IT services professionals and co-workers Zeinab Samir and Yasmine El-Mehairy established their startup, SuperMama, to help enrich the lives of parents in the Middle East. After El-Mehairy’s sister-in-law became pregnant, she realized the dramatic lifestyle change that new mothers must make on behalf of their children. Upon conducting further research, the partners found that the majority of mothers could not easily access crucial information about topics such as parenting advice, finances, and daily planning. To make it easier for these individuals to find the knowledge that they need to raise a family, El-Mehairy and Samir created the first online parenting platform in the Middle East region.

Available in both Arabic and English, SuperMama is helping parents in the area to navigate the various stages of building a family. The startup’s team of medical correspondents develops topic-driven content for mothers seeking answers to their questions about everything from pregnancy to child-rearing. Through SuperMama, parents can also find articles that will help them plan weekly meals or indulge in a little “me time.” The unique services have helped the startup to garner a monthly audience of around 2 million people who flock to both its website and social media accounts.

  1. Koodakoo

koodakoo logoMarketed as Iran’s version of Diapers.com, Koodakoo has become the nation’s go-to source for baby and children’s products. Instead of running to the store each time they need something for their children, parents can turn to the site for all their shopping. Koodakoo, which stocks 3,000 products across 60 trusted children’s brands, aims to expand its offerings to 15,000 items.

Catering specifically to the parents of children starting from birth to 5 years old, the startup helps consumers find all manner of strollers, toys, bedroom necessities, and more. With secure online payments and efficient shipping, Koodakoo makes it easier than ever for parents to purchase the best children’s products available on the market.

Parents who use Koodakoo also have access to the benefits of its customer loyalty program, known as Koo-points. With each purchase of 2,000 Toman, customers earn one koo-point (worth 100 Toman) that they can use to obtain discounts on future purchases.

  1. MomAdvice

mom advice logoHeadquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, MomAdvice is the first parenting startup of its kind to provide a direct link between mothers and licensed child psychologists. Using a secure mobile platform, mothers can connect with experts and pose any parenting questions that they may have. Prior to their virtual meetings, mothers can view a small therapist bio that details their areas of focus and educational credentials. With this information, they can rest assured that they are receiving advice from only the most qualified psychologists.

MomAdvice’s mobile chat feature allows mothers to collaborate with their assigned therapists through unlimited text chat. Since it is available from anywhere and at any time of the day, the chat room enables mothers to share their various parenting concerns with their psychologists as soon as they arise.

During beta testing, MomAdvice garnered the participation of 20 child psychologists and more than 200 mothers who have tested its services. Following this phase of development, the startup aims to expand its capabilities globally so that it can serve the vast community of mothers who use smartphones.

  1. Dilek’s Baby Shower

Parents from across Turkey can find everything they need for baby showers, children’s birthday parties, and other events through baby decorations retailer Dilek’s Baby Shower. To ease the process of arranging parties, the startup has created a one-stop source for products ranging from door decorations to embellished pillows. Dilek’s Baby Shower also boasts a large stock of curated baby gifts and decorations for hospital rooms, which clients can use to treat the new parents in their lives. Those seeking a more a more personalized touch may create a customized version of any of the startup’s products.

Outside of its regular shopping services, Dilek’s Baby Shower works with individuals who want to commemorate the most important moments of parenthood. Through the startup, clients can arrange for photography services during events such as baby showers and childbirth. In addition, Dilek’s Baby Shower can help its customers to arrange for newborn photography sessions.

  1. Mother & Child Guide

mother and child guide logoFeatured on Forbes’ list of the 50 Most Promising Saudi Startups of 2016, the Mother & Child Guide has become a favorite site for parents seeking information on pregnancy and child-raising. The online magazine works with local physicians and writers to publish articles that cover all manner of parenting topics, ranging from how to pinpoint the early signs of pregnancy to methods for preventing diaper leaks. In order to best serve the needs of its users, the Mother & Child Guide also uploads parenting videos and other types of media that are specifically designed with its readers in mind. All manner of expectant mothers, fathers, and stay-at-home parents can turn to the startup with any question they may have about their children and obtain the answers they need.

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