A Look at the Growing Startup Industry in Kuwait

With local entrepreneurship on the rise, Kuwait is well on its way to becoming a new Silicon Valley. Bolstered by a flourishing economy, accessible education, and a support network of local organizations, the country’s entrepreneurs have established startups that cater to virtually any need of the local populace. This sector will only continue to grow as more passionate, determined individuals bring their innovative ideas to life.

Read on to take a closer look at the burgeoning startup scene in Kuwait:


talabat logoOne of Kuwait’s most prosperous startups is Talabat, an online portal that makes it easy to order food from local restaurants. Founder Mohammed Jaffar has helped Talabat flourish into a company that serves more than 3 million clients in dozens of cities across Kuwait as well as the UAE, Jordan, and more.

Either online or via mobile application, individuals can start their food search by inputting their location and selecting from one of the eateries that serves their area. Talabat works with over 4,000 chain and local restaurants to provide the most diverse array of food offerings to its clients. With a particular emphasis on customer service, the startup boasts unique services such as multiple payment options and frequent restaurant deals.


bookr logoBookr is bringing “carefree booking” to the people of Kuwait by simplifying the process of making appointments at local health and beauty establishments. Instead of needing to book via phone call, clients can download the startup’s mobile application and search for available appointments online.

When perusing through Bookr’s list of vendors, users can view important information such as reviews, location, and services before deciding where to take their business. Upon completing their reservation, they receive immediate confirmation directly through the app. Bookr then creates a calendar of their upcoming appointments to that users can keep track of all their various bookings.

Ajar Online

ajar online logoFor many landlords and tenants, the process of making monthly housing payments can be cumbersome. More often than not, tenants must bring their rent directly to their local collection agency, lest they receive visits from rent collectors. To make this process smoother for all parties involved, entrepreneurs Talal Alyaseen and Shaheen Alkhudhari established Ajar Online.

Designed as a cloud-based service, the startup allows tenants to fulfill all their monthly rent obligations directly through their mobile devices. Landlords who use Ajar Online can enroll their various tenants with the site, thus enabling them to make online payments for their properties. Each month, tenants receive SMS messages that detail how much rent is due and when they must make the payment. By connecting to Ajar Online’s K-NET Gateway, they can then pay their rent in a timely manner.

This system affords numerous benefits to both landlords and renters. From an administrative standpoint, Ajar Online ensures that more tenants will make their payments on schedule. On the tenant end, the startup allows individuals to pay their rent from anywhere in the world. They also receive immediate payment confirmation via text and email, making it easier to keep track of their payments.


student hub logoStudents and recent graduates who are seeking work should look no further than StudentHub. In an effort to connect its users with reliable work experiences, this startup has collaborated with countless employers, including Richter Creative Office and Warba Bank.

To register with StudentHub, users need only verify which university they attend and upload information to their online CV. With an account, they are then free to peruse job listings with any of the available employers and apply for their desired position with the touch of a button. Through StudentHub, users can easily find all manner of full- and part-time positions as well as opportunities for internships and volunteer work.


rehlat logoWith a name meaning “travel” in Arabic, Rehlat helps residents of both Kuwait and the wider Middle Eastern region plan trips for themselves and their families. Clients can take advantage of the various flight and hotel offerings that the startup provides. To ensure that its consumers plan the best travel experience possible, Rehlat allows users to choose between economy, business, or first class on all flights.

The startup also makes it easy for its clients to pay for vacations using regional payment methods such as CashU and Sadad. For those looking to save money on their trips, Rehlat regularly features exclusive vacation offers, sales, and giveaways.


boxit logoSince its debut in 2014, Boxit has emerged into one of the largest storage companies in Kuwait. Former telecom professional Premlal PK conceptualized the idea for his startup after he struggled to find the storage space that he needed during the process of reorganizing his house. After considering having a friend keep some of his possessions temporarily, he embarked on the journey towards beginning his own storage firm.

Today, clients in both Kuwait and the UAE can turn to Boxit whenever they need assistance with packing and storing items from their homes. The startup offers transparent pricing for the storage of all manner of kitchen, bedroom, and miscellaneous products, thereby enabling consumers to easily decide what they can afford to store. Using the Boxit mobile app, clients can view their own “visual catalogue,” which details which items they currently have in storage.