7 of the Best Startups for Pet Lovers

For pet lovers, furry (or scaled, or feathered) companions are often one of the most important parts of their lives. Whether you are looking to improve the quality of care for your beloved pet or are simply someone who loves to be around them, there are a number of Middle Eastern Startups that are making it better than ever to be a pet enthusiast.

Here are seven of the best startups for pet lovers in both the Middle East and beyond:

  1. Cat2See

cat2see logoMany pet owners find it difficult to think of leaving their animals alone at home all day. While some pets may grow bored due to lack of stimulation, other, more mischievous pets may cause a mess or get into things they shouldn’t. One Tel Aviv, Israel based-startup has found the solution to this dilemma in the form of automated pet care. Called Cat2See, this company has developed a range of mobile-controlled devices that help pet owners keep their feline companions busy throughout the day.

By working with Texas Instruments, the startup’s founder, Amir Guterman, was able to create a webcam device that allows owners to watch their cats and interact with them in real time from anywhere in the world. Cat2See has also developed an  rod device to which owners can attach their cats’ favorite toys. While watching their pet on the webcam, owners can control the rod to provide entertainment and stimulation. In addition to these devices, Cat2See has also unveiled a smart feeder that owners can use to arrange daily feedings or disburse food when needed.

  1. Dogs Talk

Dogs talk logoEgyptian entrepreneur Mohamed Farouk developed his startup, Dogs Talk, to provide a platform for local dog lovers to get to know one another. Whether owners are looking to make friends in their local area or around the globe, they can download the startup’s iOS or Android app and find a community of other owners as well as breeding professionals and veterinarians.

Through the Dogs Talk social network, dog lovers can ask important questions about their pets and receive timely answers from experts, share photos of their furry friends, and arrange for local pet events. Individuals can even use the platform to find new friends for their dogs by searching for other owners in their area.

  1. The Ailuromania Café

ailuromania cafe logoIn 2015, sisters Alla and Iman Ahmed Bin Farid Al Aulaqi brought the global trend of cat cafes to Dubai by establishing their own version as a startup. In their family-run startup, the sisters leverage their expertise in marketing and finance to run The Ailuromania Café, a business that allows customers to enjoy food and coffee in the company of feline companions.

As the first startup of its kind in the UAE, the café attracted 100 patrons during its opening weekend alone. The Ailuromania Café debuted with 14 cats, each of which were strays before the sisters rescued them from the streets. Visitors can book time in the café online or simply walk in if they wish to spend the day with the startup’s resident cats.

  1. On Leash

Looking to put her love of dogs to good use, 18-year-old Egyptian entrepreneur Mariam El Wetery established On Leash. Marketed as the first dog-walking business in Cairo, Egypt, the startup began as a small service in Heliopolis. As demand grew, however, El Wetery expanded On Leash to other locations and began to build a trained staff.

The startup now caters to the community of dog owners who do not have time to regularly walk their own pets. Each walk lasts for 40 minutes, during which time On Leash’s professional walkers teach dogs the proper way to behave in different situations. Using the startup’s smartphone app, owners can track each walk as it happens to see where their dogs are and ensure that they are safe.

  1. Dubai Pet Food

Established in 2011, Dubai Pet Food provides an avenue through which the UAE’s pet owners can acquire all the supplies that they need for their dogs, cats, birds, and more. Whether they visit the startup’s online shop or one of its brick-and-mortar locations, consumers can browse through a stock of more than 12,000 pet essentials.

Dubai Pet Food also offers an array of Pet Packs, which contain food and toys for animals of all sizes and breeds. Emphasizing convenience, the startup can deliver its consumers’ orders any day of the week. Regardless of where they live in the UAE, clients typically receive their purchases within one day.

  1. Precious Paws Pet Spa

precious paws logoOne of the first Middle Eastern startups of its kind, Precious Paws Pet Spa is providing a means for Dubai’s pet owners to pamper their furry friends. During their visit, individuals can arrange for their pets to receive a number of spa services such as teeth cleanings, bathing, and even aromatherapy.

In order to provide its animal clients with the best quality products, Precious Paws has cultivated a collection of spa essentials from some of the biggest brands in the world. Outside of its regular services, the startup operates a shop through which it sells pet merchandise.

  1. Digi-Dog

digi dog logoIn order to accommodate the needs of its growing network of dog owners, Tel Aviv has launched a new startup initiative called Digi-Dog. This service, which is available through a mobile application, provides locals with important pet-oriented information.

Whether dog owners are looking to connect with local dog walkers, find new veterinarians, or learn about special pet deals at nearby businesses, they will receive relevant updates through Digi-Dog. Taking influence from Tel Aviv’s Digi-Tel service, this platform is making the city more dog-friendly than ever.

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