5 of the Top Beauty Startups in the Middle East

In the Middle East, markets ranging from travel to luxury goods have experienced rapid growth over the course of the last several years. Consumers from across the region have contributed to this positive economic trend through increased spending on beauty products.

The growing strength of the beauty market has piqued the interest of the region’s entrepreneurs, who have established startups that cater to the rising demand for beauty products in the Middle East. Here are a few of the top beauty-oriented startups in the Middle East that offer everything from cosmetics to salon booking services:

  1. Spoilee

spoilee logoThe team at Spoilee provides beauty experience booking services to the women of Saudi Arabia, who regularly spend billions of Saudi Riyal on cosmetics alone. In order to cater to the needs of this demanding market, the startup has cultivated a diverse network of salons across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Those looking to engage in beauty services can use the Spoilee app or website to discover new salons and book appointments. The interface makes it particularly easy for users to find salons that offer any treatments they may need, ranging from traditional nail and waxing to specialized bridal packages.

In addition to its consumer-driven services, Spoilee offers Saudi Arabian beauty salons a means of attracting new clients. Salon owners may add their businesses to the startup’s online community, through which they can arrange for crucial business services. For example, Spoilee can fulfill the marketing needs of its affiliate salons by helping them to build professional websites or assist them with their social media presence.

  1. GlamBox Middle East

glamboxlogoSince its inception in 2012, GlamBox Middle East has become one of the most revolutionary entities in the Middle East beauty sector. Serving clients in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the startup has made it easier than even for locals to remain on top of the current beauty trends. Individuals may sign up with GlamBox by purchasing three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions. Each month, clients will receive a box filled with four or more surprise beauty samples. Every box contains a different mix of products, such as cosmetics, hair care items, and perfume.

GlamBox maintains partnerships with over 200 beauty labels from across the Middle East, which ensures that its subscribers can enjoy products from mainstream and luxury brands. Through the startup, subscribers can access all manner of beauty tips and tutorials that will help them to enjoy all the samples that they receive.

  1. Fabogo

fabogo logoWith offices in both the UAE and India, Fabogo (formerly Mazkara) connects clients with all manner of beauty and wellness services. The startup has built a long list of beauty venues that specialize in everything from hair removal to massage. By searching through this catalogue of salons and spas, users can glean important business information such as user reviews, locations, and phone numbers. Not only are customers able to book their next salon visit online, but they can also use Fabogo to pay for their services ahead of time. The startup also allows salon and spa owners to create special offers for its customers. As a result, businesses can garner the attention of potential clients while enabling them to save money on their favorite beauty services.

  1. BEEM

Beem logoIn 2015, BEEM burst onto the Dubai startup scene as a revolutionary “beauty concierge” for locals. Accessible through an iOS application, the startup removes the inconvenience of searching for reputable beauty salons and calling each one to find out if they have any openings. Instead, BEEM users can simply log in to the mobile app and search for a salon appointment in a few easy steps.

Users can begin their search by selecting the type of service that they want and noting when they are free for an appointment. Within these parameters, the BEEM app then recommends a number of reputable salons in the area and allows users to choose which ones they would like to visit. The startup then communicates customers’ appointment requests to the various salons, which can either accept or reject them depending on availability during the selected time slots. After receiving a list of accepted bookings, consumers can accept the one they want directly through the BEEM app.

  1. Feel22

Feel22logoHeadquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, Feel22 has become one of the country’s top online sources of beauty products. Since it launched in September 2016, the startup has worked to provide its client base with the biggest catalogue of items from both up-and-coming beauty companies and well-established brands. In fact, Feel22 has collaborated with over 70 brands and product distributors to supply its clients with more than 3,000 beauty products. Looking to create a better customer experience, the startup allows its customers to conveniently order either online or through WhatsApp. In addition, users can enjoy complimentary delivery and no-hassle returns with every purchase. The customized services have allowed Feel22 to serve more than 1,000 clients across Lebanon.