7 of the Most Innovative Startups in Oman

Despite the impressive growth of entrepreneurial communities throughout the Middle East, the Sultanate of Oman has remained without one of its own until recently. With a growing population of expatriates and a booming economy, the country has been able to provide unprecedented support to its growing startup scene. Through outlets such as Startup Oman, the Sultanate has encouraged the success of its budding entrepreneurs. As a result, the Omani community can now enjoy the work of several groundbreaking startups. Read on to explore seven of the most innovative startups in Oman:

  1. Clickformeal

clickformeallogoSince its inception in 2012, Clickformeal has provided the Omani community with unique restaurant delivery services. Through this online portal, customers can peruse lists of eateries by searching for different service areas or specific businesses. In order to provide more variety to its customers, Clickformeal features restaurants that specialize in all types of cuisine, ranging from Omani to Mexican. During their search, customers can view menus from all the listed eateries and even see the ratings that other patrons have given each one.

Like other food-delivery websites, Clickformeal makes it easy for customers to place orders online. However, it has created a unique system that eliminates the need for credit card payments. Instead, customers can simply pay for their meals when they arrive at the door, making the ordering process highly secure. In addition, clients can earn digital CFMoney for each order that they place, enabling them to save on future orders.

  1. Genesis International, LLC

genesisinternationalllcQais Al Khonji, a renowned Omani entrepreneur, established Genesis International, LLC, in 2012 to undertake groundbreaking work across multiple sectors. Under his guidance, the startup has become a technical pioneer that has completed beneficial projects for the Omani community. Over the years, Genesis International has spearheaded initiatives in areas ranging from solar energy to electricity distribution. The startup has also engaged in another major undertakings that involved the creation of a “smart city” that sought to automate the process of making utility payments for locals.

  1. KI-BROS Productions

kibrosproductionslogoBrothers Yasir and Dawood Al-Kiyumi teamed up to create KI-BROS Productions, an innovative video production startup. Since graduating from Oman’s SAS Centre for Entrepreneurship, the startup has established itself as a major player in the local market by consistently producing high-quality content. KI-BROS Productions leverages a team of talented 3D artists, screenwriters, and editors to provide domestic and international clients with live-action and computer-generated videos. The team has particular expertise in melding these two mediums, which allows them to undertake any creative project that comes their way. In the past, KI-BROS Productions has worked with prominent clients such as Akassa, a children’s television program. The startup created the title sequence for the show in 2013 and 2014.

  1. ISO Catalyst

isocatalystlogoBased in Ruwi, ISO Catalyst works with organizations both in Oman and throughout the rest of the world to help them obtain the certification that they need to operate. With a team of 45 certification experts and auditors, the startup provides all the advisory services that entities need to not only meet industry standards, but to exceed them.

Whether clients need assistance to meet Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) requirements or ISO 9001 standards, ISO Catalyst provides the necessary training to help them to achieve their goal. The firm even assists organizations during the final audit to ensure that they adhere to the requirements of the certification authority in their given industry. Over the years, ISO Catalyst has helped more than 2,000 organizations to obtain certification quickly and affordably.

  1. Alatool Muscat

AlatoolMuscatlogoSince 2012, Alatool Muscat has sought to revolutionize the Omani e-commerce industry by providing clients with a unique buying system. Every day, the startup offers a new deal to its subscribers, who have the opportunity to purchase it while it is still available. Alatool Muscat requires that its clients act quickly in order to take advantage of the daily deals. The startup allows its users to pay in a number of convenient ways: credit card, cash, or in-person. By 2016, these services had helped Alatool Muscat to garner nearly 90,000 subscribers.

  1. Khasab Sea Tours

kehabseatourslogoAnyone wishing to see the beautiful sights of Oman can look no further than Khasab Sea Tours, a tourism startup that connects travelers with one-of-a-kind experiences. Both locals and travelers from abroad can utilize the startup’s services to customize vacation packages that will take them across the Sultanate. One of the most popular excursions that Khasab Sea Tours offers is a ride to the Musandam Peninsula, where travelers can enjoy boat rides and view some of the area’s top cultural sites. The startup also offers a number of other exciting private boat trips that cater to the needs of small groups and large parties.

  1. Al Etijahat For Design

Another graduate of the Sas Center for Entrepreneurship, Al Etijahat For Design has become a major player in the Omani information and communication technology sector. The startup, which is based just outside of Muscat, was one of the first entities of its kind to provide custom design assistance to clients across the Sultanate of Oman. Al Etijahat specializes in all manner of online services, ranging from the management of client social media accounts to the development of video marketing materials. The startup’s primary focus, however, is graphic design. Through the work of its talented design team, Al Etijahat is able to create a diverse range of products such as infographics and e-magazines.


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