7 of the Top Travel Startups in the Middle East

Among the many companies spawned during the current Middle East startup boom are those that cater to travelers. While a number of these startups target Middle Eastern residents looking for an easier way to plan and enjoy a vacation, others offer foreigners customized excursions to the region. Read on to explore seven of the Middle East’s top travel startups:

  1. HolidayMe

holidaymelogoWhen entrepreneurs Geet Bhalla and Digvijay Pratap discovered how difficult it was for Middle Easterners to make vacation arrangements, they decided to establish a startup that specifically catered to the needs of this market. Their company, HolidayMe, which allows clients to make customized travel arrangements around the globe, is now one of the top travel sites in the UAE.

Through the HolidayMe website or mobile app, individuals can book entire holidays or separately book hotel stays, flights, and activities. Customers can even arrange for getaways by category, such as shopping, nightlife, or eating. HolidayMe complements its impressive vacation offerings with seamless payments and dedicated customer service.

  1. Yamsafer

yamsaferlogoYamsafer leverages the most current technologies to deliver a comprehensive vacation booking experience to its clients in the Middle East. With access to more than 10 million hotel rooms, the startup provides the variety that its customers need to plan their dream trips. Though Yamsafer focuses primarily on providing travel accommodations throughout the Middle East, it also allows its users to book stays in such locations as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

To make the booking process easier, Yamsafer allows clients to browse for hotels in either Arabic or English. If they need additional assistance before making a final decision, then they can contact the startup’s customer service team at any time of day. When clients are ready to organize their trips, they can take advantage of Yamsafer’s unique card-free booking services.

  1. The Travel Attaché

thetravelattachelogoThose in search of bespoke travel experiences should look no further than The Travel Attaché. Located in Dubai, this premiere luxury vacation startup gives clients access to more than 200,000 of the world’s top hotels and private getaways.

With The Travel Attaché, individuals can customize vacations that allow them to explore the frozen landscapes of Antarctica or relax on the beaches of St. Lucia. The startup’s team members boast a collective 50 years of travel industry experience, which enables them to offer individualized customer service and connect their clients with only the most exclusive vacation packages.

  1. Mateegi

mateegilogoIn a marked departure from more conventional travel services, Mateegi focuses solely on providing vacations within Egypt. Available to both locals and those visiting from abroad, the startup showcases the less frequented areas of the country and helps individuals connect with the local hotels and activities. By showcasing these unexplored locations, Mateegi is making it easier than ever for individuals to visit some of the most beautiful sites in Egypt. During the booking process, users can peruse the country’s available destinations and compare them with others before making a final decision.

  1. My Middle East

mymiddleeastlogoLooking to deliver highly personalized travel experiences to its clients, My Middle East allows individuals to build vacations that fit all their desired travel dates and personal desires. The startup begins the booking process by asking clients questions about what they are looking for in a vacation and what their “travel style” is. This enables My Middle East to provide customized vacation recommendations to each user.

With travel accommodations available for locations in Turkey, Croatia, and more, the startup can connect its customers with all manner of experiences and cultural excursions. Best of all, the company supports the communities it works with, training young people and partnering with women and small businesses whenever possible.

  1. tajawal

tajawallogoThose who book their flights and hotels with tajawal gain unique access to more than 15,000 vacation spots and 500,000 hotels across the globe. Whether through the startup’s app or on its website, individuals can filter by a wide variety of factors, like date, price, and popularity to plan extravagant trips and discover new possible destinations. The startup also regularly features travel offers on discounted flights and hotel stays. For additional vacation deals, clients can sign up for the company’s newsletter.

  1. Irhal

irhallogoIrhal, which means “go away” in Arabic, provides traditional vacation-booking capabilities for destinations in the Middle East and in exotic locations such as Australia and Indonesia. However, the company also offers special features on its website and mobile app that help its Middle Eastern clients maintain an observant lifestyle while traveling.

Whether they want to find a restaurant serving halal meals, know the location of the nearest Masjid, or see a list of local prayer times, users can quickly and easily view these options, which are categorized by city. Every year, Irhal also helps numerous clients plan their trips to Mecca.

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