7 of the Most Innovative Startups in Qatar

Over the last several years, Qatar’s once-barren startup landscape has been experiencing unprecedented growth. At the helm of this progress is the nation’s government, which has invested money into organizations that support these budding businesses and worked to remove other barriers to success. These efforts have given rise to a growing entrepreneurial market that will only continue to flourish as new and creative startups burst onto the scene.

Read on to explore seven of Qatar’s most innovative startups:

  1. Q-Cab

qcablogoThe three founders of Q-Cab developed a unique mobile application that simplifies the process of hiring a taxi in Qatar. The first cab-booking app in the nation, Q-Cab enables its users to quickly and easily connect with rides anywhere in the country, helping them find taxis that are closest to them and track their progress to see how far away they are. Users can even save their favorite drivers to the app, thereby making it convenient to find trusted transportation. In addition to booking cabs with Q-Cab, individuals can use the app to make limousine arrangements.

  1. Urban Point

urbanpoint logoOne of Qatar’s most revolutionary tech startups is Urban Point, the first web-based coupon provider in Doha. Through the company’s mobile application, users can connect to an ever-expanding marketplace that includes popular restaurants, retail stores, and activities in Qatar. Every month, Urban Point provides hundreds of deals to its users. Those who frequent certain establishments will also receive “two for the price of one” coupons that will allow them to save money on future visits. By subscribing to this monthly “voucher” service, Urban Point customers can enjoy money-saving opportunities whenever they go out on the town.

  1. eGrab

egrab logoIn a bustling city like Doha, many individuals find it difficult to complete important tasks such as grocery shopping. Thankfully, eGrab has made it easy for locals to obtain all the goods they need without even needing to leave the comfort of their homes. This startup has partnered with some of Doha’s biggest hypermarkets and limousine companies to provide a unique delivery services to the city’s residents.

By downloading the eGrab iOS or Android application, users can forego the long lines at the market and order anything they may need via their phone. Delivery is free to the majority of the city, which makes getting groceries even simpler. eGrab also helps its users save money by frequently obtaining deals on grocery items.

  1. maktApp

maktapp logoSupported by the Qatar Science & Technology Park, maktApp offers a comprehensive business management suite to its clients. Through its cloud application, the startup provides access to catered task oversight solutions. This feature allows businesses to streamline the process of creating and organizing important projects, documents, and payment receipts. With additional payroll and customer relationship interfaces, maktApp ensures that its users have all the tools they need to succeed.

In addition, the startup provides data security services, thus ensuring that its users will enjoy near-constant system uptime and essential data backups. Accessibility is also a primary focus at maktApp. By offering its cloud application in both Arabic and English, the startup enables more people to utilize its services.

  1. Meddy

meddy logoServing five areas across Qatar, Meddy provides a way for individuals to access the medical care that they need. Instead of vetting potential doctors on their own, people can use the startup’s platform to find important information about a medical professional’s background, including any relevant credentials.

Meddy boasts a network of more than 700 physicians in fields ranging from ophthalmology to obstetrics. For added convenience, patients can browse doctors by specialty and immediately access information about a particular clinic.

Most importantly, Meddy features a review system through which people can leave their comments about certain doctors. All of these features combine to create a source that enable patients to make the best decisions about their medical care.

  1. Doha Delivery

Doha Delivery logoIn an effort to revolutionize the traditional restaurant point-of-sale (POS) system, Doha Delivery combines all food-ordering needs into one convenient place. The startup originally provided local delivery menus to the Doha community, but it has since expanded its services into the realm of online meal ordering.

Through Doha Delivery, individuals can browse a vast list of featured restaurants that offer cuisines ranging from Indo-Chinese to Syrian. Once they find what they are looking for, patrons can then use the startup’s interface to customize their orders and make payments. With partner restaurants in dozens of locations across the city, Doha Delivery makes it easier than ever for its users to discover new eateries or revisit their old favorites.

  1. Fi Technologies

fi technologies logoFi Technologies is one of Qatar’s most innovative tech startups. Leveraging the power of Wi-Fi technology, the company has created Internet hotspots in 35 popular community venues such as medical centers and coffee shops. Working with client companies, the startup creates custom marketing pages that all individuals see before they can to log in to one of these hotspots. With nearly 400,000 viewers every month, the startup can connect advertisers to a more diverse customer base in Qatar.