7 Startups that Make Life Easier in the Middle East

In the hectic modern age, many people struggle to complete necessary daily tasks and maintain simple organization. This is no different for those living in the bustling Middle East, where many individuals are pioneering new products, advancing technologies, and leading successful professional lives. However, a number of startups have emerged that are helping to ease the daily burden for countless individuals living across the region and make their lives a little bit easier.

Here are seven Middle Eastern startups that are giving locals a helping hand:

  1. Mumm

Mumm logoEstablished after founder Waleed Abdel Rahman found himself overspending on takeout, Mumm provides Egyptians with fresh, home-cooked meals. Whether they are too busy to cook or don’t want to spend the money on traditional takeout, users can select from a variety of dishes that feature the freshest ingredients. Mumm then sends the orders to nearby at-home chefs, who carefully prepare each meal and pack it for delivery. Dedicated to convenience, Mumm ensures that its clients receive their food within an hour and a half of ordering. In addition to feeding its clients, this startup provides new opportunities for female home cooks to earn a steady monthly income.

  1. SnappCard

Snapp Card logoAvailable to those in Dubai, SnappCard has made it easy to take advantage of numerous company loyalty programs. Instead of carrying around a wallet full of designated store cards, clients can earn virtual points by using the startup’s handy mobile application. When visiting various shops and restaurants, users can simply scan the QR code on their receipt and begin accumulating points. They can also earn additional points by sharing information about the stores via social media. With a list of partner companies that includes The Sum of Us, Conrad Hotels, and Caribou Coffee, SnappCard offers users access to a wide variety of exclusive rewards across the entire city. This system also makes it easy for businesses to gain more exposure among local audiences.

  1. Irhal

Irhal logoCountless Middle Eastern residents travel each year, but planning the right vacation is often difficult. With a name meaning “go away” in Arabic, Irhal is making it easy for its users to do just that. Through the startup’s website, locals can find hotel deals, learn about global destinations, and stay on top of the latest travel news. One of Irhal’s most innovative features, however, is its list of activities that cater to the needs of those from the Middle East. For example, users can search the website for locations of mosques abroad and view their prayer times. In addition, Irhal has put together an index of local and international halal restaurants, which makes it easier for many Middle Easterners to find places to eat while on vacation.

  1. Nutrition Souq

Nutrition SouqThose who are looking to lead healthier lives can turn to Nutrition Souq for all their nutritional needs. An expansive online marketplace, the startup takes the hassle out of ordering dietary supplements and vitamins. Launched in 2016, Nutrition Souq is the first company of its kind to provide an avenue through which its clients can place orders and receive their supplements via the mail. It also automates the re-ordering process so its members never run out of their favorite products. As they order through Nutrition Souq, individuals can also accumulate points to earn complimentary items.

  1. Cook-A-Box

Cook-a-Box LogoSpecifically designed for Middle Eastern residents who lead particularly busy lives, Cook-A-Box simplifies the process of planning weekly meals. Instead of needing to set time aside to shop for groceries during the week, people can sign up to have cooking materials sent right to their door. All those who become members of Cook-A-Box can choose from nine weekly packages that feature different recipes and all the ingredients required to cook them. Users can even customize their meal plans depending on their various dietary and cooking time restrictions. The Cook-A-Box system has not only made it easier for individuals to prepare more meals at home, but it has also minimized the amount of food that they waste.

  1. Taskty

Taskty logoSince its inception in 2012, Taskty has innovated the way that individuals obtain short-term services such as general home maintenance or event photography. Instead of taking their chances with a local company that could either do excellent or poor work, clients can peruse the startup’s list of trusted service providers and select their favorites. When individuals choose a particular service, Taskty will also offer a competitive price to help save them money. Striving to provide the best service possible, the startup will also offer a full refund or fix the entire project if a client is dissatisfied with the completed work.

  1. Careem

Careem logoThe Middle Eastern answer to the popular Uber, Careem has become one of the most prolific startups in the local region. In an effort to remove the stress out of locals’ often hectic commutes, the company acts as a sort of personal assistant who can hire transportation at the push of a button. Upon signing up through the Careem mobile application, users can either book a ride immediately or arrange for one at a later time. Each driver alerts the user of their arrival and can quickly take them to their destination without needing to ask for directions. Careem also makes paying for a ride easier than ever by allowing customers to pay with cash or with an on-app credit card.