7 of the Most Exciting Technology Startups in Egypt

Egypt is quickly emerging as one of the best places in the world to do business. With a population of more than 80 million people, the country has become home to one of the most thriving communities of young entrepreneurs. Now more than ever, these individuals are making enormous waves in the local technology industry with their groundbreaking online solutions. From targeted e-commerce platforms to food delivery services, the following startups are some of the most exciting in Egypt:

  1. Otlob

otlob logoThe first startup of its kind to operate in Egypt, Otlob has revolutionized the way local residents can order from their favorite eateries. Through its website or mobile application, users can gain access to the most current information, including menus, for over 500 restaurants. Customers simply enter their address into the company’s search tool to receive a list of restaurants that deliver to their area. Instead of needing to call each establishment, users can then order online and pay for their meals when they arrive. Otlob is available in cities ranging from Cairo to Port Said and features some of the most popular restaurants from Egypt and across the globe.

  1. Wassel

wassel logoCommonly known as the Middle Eastern version of CrunchBase, Wassel is one of Egypt’s most prominent online platforms for entrepreneurs. Available only to users with accounts, the startup helps facilitate business relationships between local professionals across numerous sectors.

Wassel begins this process by providing an avenue through which entrepreneurs can generate exposure about their own work. On the company’s website, users can build their own profiles, complete with information about their businesses and professional skillsets, and then use their Wassel profile to search for funding opportunities and connect with investors.

Another innovative feature of the site is its database of entrepreneurs and businesses, which people can use to follow their industry favorites and make more professional connections than ever before. Focusing heavily on all aspects of entrepreneurial growth, Wassel also enables its users to remain abreast of current industry news and key local players.

  1. Eventtus

eventtus logoEventtus targets Egypt’s event planners and attendees. Those who are looking to organize an event can leverage the startup’s iOS and Android applications and online services to manage all aspects of management, from creating a detailed agenda to selling tickets online. In addition, Eventtus makes it easy for organizers to create mobile apps for their events, thus allowing them to directly connect with attendees and encourage social media sharing.

Similarly, these apps provide a number of innovative features to event attendees. One such tool allows individuals to virtually “shake hands” with others they meet, thus eliminating the need to hand out printed business cards when connecting with other professionals.

  1. Elves

elves logoUnder the leadership of founder and CEO Karim Elsahy, Elves has become one of the most popular concierge services in Egypt and beyond. Those who require help booking vacations, purchasing meals, and sourcing deliveries can use the startup’s mobile application to connect with a real-life “elf” who will fulfill their various requests. Via live chat, these dedicated concierge professionals can also offer customized product recommendations to users, who can then buy their favorites right on the app. The more a person uses the Elves app, the better these suggestions will become and the less time they will need to spend searching for products themselves.

  1. Bey2ollak

Bey2ollak logoEgyptians who are looking for the most up-to-date traffic information should consider using Bey2ollak. Since 2010, the startup has amassed a network of more than 1 million users. Utilizing social capabilities and crowd-sourcing, Bey2ollak offers a comprehensive look at roadways across Egypt, thus enabling its users to view or change their route depending on current traffic conditions. Individuals can also use the app to provide their own updates if they encounter any backups while traveling. For its innovative client services, Bey2ollak achieved recognition at the Start with Google and NextGen startup competitions.

  1. Engezni

Engezni logoSince winning second place at the University Mobile Challenge in 2014, Engezni has been taking Egypt by storm with its innovative take on food ordering. Like other startups in this industry, it allows users to search through a database of local restaurants and order meals. However, Engezni boasts a few unique capabilities that have helped it stand out.

For example, the startup sends all orders directly to the business, whose workers are able to see them right on a computer screen. This feature eliminates the aspect of human error when it comes to food ordering and thus streamlines the entire process of fulfilling transactions. Engezni also acts as a social site, allowing its users to connect with one another and share their restaurant experiences.

  1. Edfa3ly

Edfa3ly LogoOperating out of Cairo, Edfa3ly is perfectly positioned to serve a client base in Egypt and throughout Africa with catered e-commerce solutions. With a name meaning “pay for me” in Arabic, the startup was one of the first to connect locals with products from the United States. Recognizing that most Egyptians and Africans do not own a credit card or use PayPal, Edfal3y has made it easy for them to pay for goods using local currency. In addition, the startup guides purchases through the tricky customs process and ensures that its clients receive timely deliveries.