7 Innovative Job-Hunting Startups You Need to Know About

Job hunting is a notoriously difficult endeavor because it entails countless hours spent sending out resumes and leafing through numerous listings of open positions. However, a number of startups in the Middle East are making this process much easier for residents living in the region. From newly streamlined search engines to specific career-building tools, these companies are making a big impact on the lives of job-seeking professionals and employers alike.

Here are seven Middle Eastern employment startups that are changing the way people search for a new job:

  1. GulfTalent

Gulf Talent logoSince its inception in 2005, GulfTalent has served a network of more than 6 million users seeking employment. Though it is based in Dubai, the startup provides an avenue through which people across the Middle East can connect with jobs at over 8,000 companies. With employment categories such as retail sales, accounting, and management, GulfTalent is well equipped to help professionals of diverse abilities. Outside of its job-hunting features, the startup provides a wealth of other resources that are designed to support its users’ careers. For example, those just beginning their search can use GulfTalent to build their CVs or research the cost of living in various job locations. In addition, the startup helps hone its users’ professional skills by facilitating access to training courses that cover more than a dozen topics.

  1. Nabbesh

Nabbesh logoThe Middle East is home to an ever-growing freelance sector that has created a unique need for specialized job-searching capabilities. Since 2012, these candidates have been able to hunt for work through startups such as Nabbesh. Any company that needs to outsource its work may use the startup’s website to create job postings that will reach more than 41,000 potential freelancers across 100 Middle Eastern cities. Similarly, individuals can browse the vast list of jobs after searching by their various skills instead of keywords. Freelancers can then view the employer’s time requirements and budget for project completion and submit a bid. Another innovative feature of Nabbesh is its online connectivity capabilities, which allow employees and employers to communicate and exchange payments online.

  1. Laimoon

Laimoon logoWith an Arabic name meaning “lemon,” the United Arab Emirates-based Laimoon has taken a different approach to job hunting since 2011. Instead of asking its users to upload a resume or search using keywords, the startup begins by posing a number of questions that cover such areas as language skills, highest education level, and work experience. Users can then further customize their results by specifying where they have previously worked and where they are willing to travel for a new job. Laimoon then uses these criteria to peruse thousands of jobs and provide the best matches possible, which users can save for future reference. Outside of job postings, the startup allows job-seeking professionals to find training courses that can help improve their chances of securing employment.

  1. Wuzzuf

wuzzuf logoMore than 60,000 Egyptian professionals have used Wuzzuf to find jobs with some of the country’s most well-known companies. Ever since its establishment in 2012, the startup has worked with over 3,000 firms and hosted 1 million CVs. This expansive network of both job-seeking professionals and employers has uniquely positioned Wuzzuf to become Egypt’s most trusted source for recruitment. Unlike other job-hunting startups, it primarily caters toward careers in information technology and engineering, thus enabling more specialists to locate work in their respective fields. Most recently, Wuzzuf expanded its job search capabilities to other areas of the Middle East, including Qatar and the UAE.

  1. InternsMe

Internsme logoIn 2012, a group of seasoned entrepreneurs from UAE came together to found InternsMe, a startup dedicated to helping Middle Eastern youth lay a successful foundation for their careers. Those who are still working towards their degrees can use the startup’s website to locate internships, volunteering opportunities, and trainee programs. Similarly, InternsMe offers specific job-search options for recent graduates who are seeking employment in entry-level positions. To connect with potential employers, users begin by uploading a personalized video resume, which creates better exposure and helps them display their charismatic attributes in a unique way. InternsMe then works directly with each user to ensure his or her qualifications match job listings and that he or she receives the optimal job match.

  1. Mostaqqel

In an effort to showcase the capabilities of professionals in the Middle East, Mostaqqel provides freelance workers with an effective means of building an online presence and accessing more jobs than ever. From its headquarters in downtown Cairo, the startup enables individual, small and medium-sized business, or corporate clients to ensure the timely completion of their most important projects through the help of outside sources. By posting jobs, these entities can work directly with freelancers who bid for their projects and collaborate with them online. With its simple interface and innovative job dashboard, Mostaqqel is particularly useful to those freelancers who are looking to work with multiple companies at once and build their professional profile.

  1. Bayt

Bayt logoWidely regarded as one of the best job-hunting startups in the Middle East, Bayt has helped make the process of job hunting dynamic for both professionals and companies alike. Its site enables users to search for thousands of jobs in nearly 100 different sectors, but it is different from other recruitment startups in that it provides job listings based on particular requirements. For example, professionals with doctorates can use Bayt to search for work based their extensive skill sets, while recent high school graduates can find jobs that are best suited to their more minimal career experience. In addition, the startup provides opportunities for professional growth by facilitating online professional discussions and providing information about educational courses.