What Are the Best Online Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur, you must bring a number of skills to the table if you want your startup to flourish. While pushing your business up the steep slope to success, one of the most important areas to focus on is marketing. There are many avenues for targeted advertising and product display, but the Internet is perhaps the most useful and wide-reaching. However, online marketing is often a complicated and time-consuming task.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have a background in marketing or hire outside assistance to make your ad campaign a success. There are countless online tools that you can use to generate ideas, create targeted content, and garner company exposure among worldwide audiences. No matter where you operate your startup from, the following marketing aids can play an instrumental part in your business’ growth:


OptimizelyIn our web-centered world, it is increasingly important to ensure that your startup’s website is properly optimized. Optimizely fulfills this need by allowing you to conduct A/B testing with your consumers to see how well various site layouts fare. You will receive real-time dashboard results from your various tests, which will better enable you to make alterations based on customer needs. Optimizely therefore eliminates the need for outside marketing analysts by allowing you to create a personalized online experience for your consumers.


Perhaps one of the most essential marketing tools you can use for your startup is e-mail. Unlike popular social media platforms, e-mail provides a higher level of control over the content you send to consumers; however, properly gauging individual desires and reactions may prove more difficult. Fortunately, MailChimp helps you navigate the ever-changing market by allowing you to track consumer online shopping trends. Particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector, the site allows you to design specific e-mail campaigns and monitor their success using open and click rate data.


sniply logoA strong and reliable social media presence is a vital component of an effective startup marketing strategy, but you shouldn’t rely solely on creating your own content if you wish to engage a wider online audience. While sharing others’ content will increase your own credibility, it can be difficult to drive traffic to your own website if you share a link that you did not post. One simple but effective online tool, Sniply, attaches your shared links with a call-to-action widget directing readers to your site. This increases the chance of traffic rerouting to you, which will, in turn, drive your website conversions.


A powerful tool for social media marketing, Buffer makes the process of online posting straightforward and convenient. If you are looking to build your startup’s online presence, you can use it to connect your various accounts on a single dashboard. This allows you to create a queue of posts for each social media site, which will help you offer more avenues for audience engagement and garner more online awareness. In addition to saving you time, Buffer has an analytics feature that tells you which pieces of content are the most popular and when you should schedule posts to reach more consumers.


Canva logoYou will inevitably need to create visual marketing material to help get your startup on its feet. If you do not have the budget to outsource this process or the artistic eye to create content from scratch, then you can use Canva to create your graphics. A web-based design tool, Canva includes all the elements you will need to generate high-quality infographics, social media images, and e-mail headers. Featuring everything from countless stock photographs to an expansive template library, Canva can take your normal marketing material and make it extraordinary.


Remaining organized is key when you are formulating marketing strategies for your startup. One online tool that can help you remain on top of your various business ideas is Evernote. No matter when marketing inspiration may strike, you will be able to make detailed notes of your thoughts and keep track of emerging business trends all in a single online medium. You can access your notes at any time and share them with your business partners via a group notebook. This comprehensive tool will help streamline the marketing development process for your startup like never before.


Before you can create effective marketing material for your startup, you must first conduct research into the topics that your audience would most enjoy. You can accomplish this by using BuzzSumo, a keyword search engine that has been a favorite of such companies as National Geographic and Yahoo. This online tool allows you to input various topics of interest and receive a list of the most popular related content on the Internet. BuzzSumo will also show you how many online users shared each link on their social media accounts, which can help guide your own topic choices when you are formulating your startup’s marketing content.