11 Reasons Why BlackBerry Devices Are an Awesome Choice

Afghan Wireless business customers can now purchase BlackBerry mobile devices from more than 70 AWCC brand retail locations throughout the country. With internet, e-mail, SMS and MMS capabilities, and other corporate business applications all supported by Afghan Wireless’ extensive high speed network, the BlackBerry is the perfect choice for today’s business professional. And if you still need to be convinced, here are 11 other great reasons to choose a BlackBerry device.

The BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry devices make handling a variety of communications easy with a centralized communications center, known as the “BlackBerry Hub.” This hub shows all messages and notifications in a single place, allowing users to consolidate and streamline business communications from a wide range of sources and senders.

Furthermore, the latest versions of BlackBerry Hub include a filter feature which lets users only see the notifications and messages they want at any given time. This feature, which many users consider to be the best thing about the BlackBerry, is excellent for maximizing communications efficiency and ensuring that that no messages are missed or lost.

Quality Hardware and Design

blackberries-1377070_1280BlackBerry has a reputation for solid hardware and high-quality design. This means that not only will your device be sleek to look at and easy to use, it can withstand daily wear and tear, as well as more serious bumps and scrapes, much better than many other smartphones.

In fact, thanks in part to the phones’ durability, BlackBerry owners keep using their devices longer than the owners of any other brand. In the US, BlackBerry users keep their devices for an average of 32 months, compared with iPhone users who upgrade their devices every 25 months.


BlackBerry has long been known for a strong focus on security; for many years, it was considered one of the most secure smartphones available. Today’s models take that security emphasis even further, with a host of new security and privacy features designed to safeguard vital business information and communications.

These features include the BlackBerry Protect app, which allows users to do things like back up device information remotely as well as completely wipe a lost or stolen device from the cloud. Additionally, the BlackBerry Safeguard lets users easily and quickly set up private and public usage restrictions.


One of the things that business users love most about BlackBerry devices is their easy-to-use hardware keyboards. New BlackBerry models also feature excellent-quality software keyboards. However, when composing long messages or documents, BlackBerry fans find it hard to beat the advantages of hardware keyboards. They’re easier and more comfortable to use over long periods of time and are less prone to typos or other errors, helping make business communications more accurate.

Android Apps

The BlackBerry store may not be home to quite as many apps as some smartphone users would like. However, the good news is that new BlackBerry models now offer support for Android apps, which can be acquired through places like the Google Play Store and which help supplement BlackBerry apps.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) remains the preferred core messaging experience for many business smartphone users. In fact, BBM is so popular that it’s now available on both Android and iOS systems. However, most users agree that BBM on BlackBerry devices still offers the best quality messaging in terms of both service and experience.

Camera Features

Image courtesy Rawle C. Jackman | Flickr

The latest BlackBerry models offer advanced camera shooting controls, which can be an asset for business users who need to put together photographic presentations or business videos. Users can access and control such settings as shutter speed, focus, and exposure compensation to create highly-professional photos.


Compared with many other smartphones, BlackBerry devices offer good value to business professionals. Introductory costs are lower than for many other options, and upgrade costs are reasonable.

Battery Life

BlackBerry devices offer some of the longest-lasting batteries around. Newer BlackBerry models feature a battery with a 2515 mAh capacity, which means it could power a device drawing 100 milliamps for 25 hours. Furthermore, the latest BlackBerry versions also feature a removable battery, so when battery charging isn’t possible, users can simply change the battery themselves to keep their devices powered up.

HDMI-out Port and Standard Charging

The handy HDMI-out port, found on only a few other smartphone models, allows BlackBerry users to easily connect their device to any television screen, computer monitor, or other display with an HDMI-in port. This feature can be a great benefit for business presentations. Furthermore, BlackBerry’s standard charging ports mean that devices can be charged using any available microUSB power cord or sync cable.

Ability to Run Multiple Applications Simultaneously

The latest BlackBerry models are able to keep up to eight applications open and running at one time, with each identified by an easy-to-access dynamic window. This feature is a great solution for business users who need to work on multiple documents or projects on their devices at the same time.


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