Afghan Education Leader to Start Women’s Technical College

A new documentary follows Afghan native Razia Jan as she opens a technical college for girls in a rural part of Afghanistan where women have not had access to higher education. Jan opened the K-12 school for girls in 2008, and now many of its students are graduating and unable to attend college due to the high cost of tuition and the cultural devaluation of education for girls.

Principle Pictures, which is making the film, aims to raise $115,00 for the school through Indiegogo. The school, which will be the first all-female technical college in Afghanistan, will offer classes in engineering, nursing, and midwifery. Funds will help pay for teacher salaries, school supplies, and the facilities.

In the first 12 days of the campaign, more than $31,000 had been raised. Filmmaker Beth Murphy said that she has seen “remarkable changes made possible by education,” such as Afghan fathers showing pride in their daughters’ academic success and girls standing up for themselves against cultural pressure and finding ways to stay in school.


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