Green Development and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam pic To power development throughout the nation in a sustainable manner, Ethiopia is building a new dam. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project, which is located close to Sudan in the northwest part of the country, will harness power from the Nile River and stand as the largest hydroelectric power station in Africa when in becomes operational in 2017. The dam’s 16 turbines will produce a total of 6,000 megawatts of energy, an amount that will meet the increasing needs of the growing country. At present, the project is a little more than one-third completed. The project currently employs more than 8,500 workers and engineers.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will cost about $4.1 billion. Ethiopia has secured no international funding for the project, but has instead appealed to its own people living both domestically and abroad for donations. This approach allows the Ethiopian people to invest in their own development. So far, the government has raised more than $350 million to support the project, with about a third of that amount coming from Ethiopians living abroad.


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