February Brings New Business Opportunities for Afghans

New Business Opportunities pic Several recent reports from Ariana News have cast a positive light on business opportunities in Afghanistan. The news agency, a project of the ARIANA Television Network founded by Ehsanollah Bayat, covered the prospects of a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to India that would run through Afghanistan. It also discussed a port in Pakistan opening to traffic from Afghanistan.

According to officials at the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, the gas pipeline could be completed in as little as three years if the companies involved act decisively. The country’s minister of mines and petroleum said that technical work had been completed and all that remained was the practical work. He also noted that completion of the pipeline would create hundreds of jobs and bring between $270 million and $370 million to Afghanistan annually.

Focusing on more concrete opportunities, the second article reported the reopening of Pakistan’s Waga port to Afghan goods after a 13-year closure. Waga leads from Pakistan to India, and a new agreement allows Afghan commercial vehicles to go five kilometers into India through Waga. While a pact allowing the import of goods through the same port has remained elusive, Afghan officials are hoping that the new deal will mean growth in Afghanistan’s export industry.


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