How Educating Boys Advances the Education of Girls in Afghanistan

Education of Girls in Afghanistan pic The task of bringing education to all young Afghans has long been a challenging one, exacerbated by years of instability and outdated views on the role of women in society. On this topic, a prominent voice on the world stage is Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, founder of the renowned human rights organization Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL).

In an op-ed published recently by international news magazine The Christian Science Monitor, Dr. Yacoobi stresses the importance of educating the boys and men of Afghanistan as a critical component of women’s empowerment in that country. She points out that wise fathers raise their daughters to cherish education and do everything they can to promote their daughters’ intellectual well-being in an increasingly modernized and globalized Afghanistan.

A key to shifting more Afghan men to such a forward-thinking attitude, according to Dr. Yacoobi, is the education of boys. By teaching today’s youth to respect and honor the skills and insights of women and girls, they are more likely to grow into men who likewise respect and honor their own wives and daughters and who encourage the women in their lives to achieve a better education.

Ultimately, Afghanistan as a nation will grow economically and culturally as it continues to harness the talents of all the nation’s people, men and women alike.


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