The Advantages of Utilizing Business Aviation

For many businesses, commercial airlines provide adequate transportation services, but business aviation is a growing field that offers many advantages to companies that need superior options for travelling the world. Commercial airlines can be unreliable, with almost 25% of flights delayed and 3% canceled altogether, and they only operate in about 500 airports in the United States. Furthermore, commercial airlines require that passengers adhere to their schedule. For many businesses, simply having the ability to schedule flights at their convenience is highly advantageous. Commercial airlines also offer little security for proprietary technology or equipment while making collaborative work virtually impossible.

Business aircraft can reach 10 times the number of airports in the US and many more abroad while offering the same safety and reliability found in traditional airlines. The advantages in scheduling alone can make up for the aircraft’s cost, given the significant employee time saved avoiding layovers, delays, cancellations, and other issues that plague airlines. Indeed, these advantages have a notable and measurable impact on a company’s bottom line. Studies have shown that companies that employ business aviation consistently achieve higher returns than businesses in the same industry that use commercial transportation.


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