Renovo Motors Hits the Road with a Revolutionary New Coupe

If Tesla has proven that electric cars can offer incredible performance while remaining “green,” Renovo Motors has now shown that these electric wonders can also be incredibly beautiful. The first car to emerge from the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters, the Renovo Coupe is a supercar that is sure to take the automotive world by storm. With a GT-style silhouette created in conjunction with Shelby American, the Renovo Coupe’s dramatic body echoes the famed 1964 Shelby Daytona.

Driven by two electric motors that provide more than 400 horsepower, the Coupe will leap from zero to 60 in a mere 3.4 seconds, a startling acceleration provided by three lithium-ion battery packs. With a range of 120 miles, the Coupe doesn’t seek to dethrone the more mass-market-focused Tesla S, which offers more range but fewer amenities. Instead, the team at Renovo has set out to create the finest electric supercar, a goal it seems to have met. At $529,000 each, these are not everyday cars—each is a hand-made work of art—but they promise to deliver the kind of power and style that auto aficionados will love.


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