Workshop Examines Extraction Industry Potential in North Afghanistan

Afghanistan Resource Corridor Project pic This August, the Afghanistan Resource Corridor Project (ARCP), a program of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, held a workshop entitled “Procurement Opportunities along the North Resource Corridors.”

The meeting included an overview of how numerous public and private entities can work together to expand the economic benefits of hydrocarbon exploration in the north of Afghanistan. According to several representatives from both the government and the private sector, development of the region presents opportunities beyond simply growing the companies contracted to extract oil and gas. In fact, such development also will improve the greater Afghan economy through the installation of needed infrastructure, such as roads and power, which ultimately will benefit all sectors, and by the involvement of subcontracting companies and auxiliary businesses that will provide jobs.

Private-sector participants at the workshop provided generally positive feedback and expressed a desire to convene similar meetings in the future.

This workshop was just one small step toward ARCP’s mission to realize Afghanistan’s full economic and financial independence through the development of the nation’s mineral and hydrocarbon resources. The project seeks to achieve this goal by encouraging infrastructure growth that will better connect people and businesses and encourage private-sector development in the energy and mineral extraction industries as well as in the full economy.


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