The Bayat Foundation Celebrates Ramadan by Supporting Afghan Families

As a result of years of continuous conflict and political instability in Afghanistan, many families have been forced into lives of poverty. These families have extremely limited resources that they can rely for assistance in procuring food, medicine, or other essential support. Many families do not have the means to send their children to school. In addition, a large percentage of them must care for one or more family members who have been injured or permanently handicapped by the country’s dangerous conditions.

Recognizing this challenging reality, the Bayat Foundation seeks to ease the pressure put on families in need by undertaking a range of different aid projects. One of the foundation’s ongoing projects involves food donations in the month of Ramadan. By collecting items through food drives, the organization is able to deliver aid packages to families throughout Afghanistan. These packages typically include rice, noodles, tea, sugar, and flour.

With the support of numerous donors and volunteers, the Bayat Foundation has provided essential food items to more than 700 families in some years. Despite these efforts, an overwhelming number of Afghan families continue to struggle, making the organization’s work extremely important for years to come.


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