A Focus on the Needs of Afghanistan’s Next Generation

Bayat Foundation logo pic The Bayat Foundation has devoted its resources to solving the significant humanitarian crisis that currently exists in Afghanistan. The war-devastated nation has one of the world’s lowest standards of living, and much of its population is unable to access basic education, health care, nutritious food, and safe drinking water. Through its Family Sponsorship Program, the Bayat Foundation has paired international donors with Afghan families in need. It also conducts food drives during the holy month of Ramadan and throughout the year to supply rice, flour, tea, and other non-perishable items. And through its support for education, many children who never before had a chance to go to school are now attending classes.

Learning centers and orphanages supported by the Bayat Foundation and its partners now educate hundreds of young people of both genders. These facilities strive to offer computer instruction in addition to lessons in basic subjects such as reading and mathematics. Many children in Afghanistan come from families in which the adults are illiterate. They thus represent the first generation in their households to benefit from an education that can open new doors for them as citizens in a global economy.


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