Ariana News Reports on Security Issues

Ariana News, a project of the Ariana Television Network, provides regular coverage of security issues affecting Afghanistan. The journalists at Ariana News regularly report about incidents on the front lines of Afghanistan’s conflict against insurgents, as well as about changes in strategy developed by the country’s government and armed forces.

Recently, Ariana News covered a new 12-year military strategic plan approved in draft form by the Afghanistan National Security Council. The plan, which was accepted after a two-year delay, provides a path toward improving Afghanistan’s air force, as well as its military equipment and personnel. Crucially, the plan identifies the financial resources required to make needed improvements to the armed forces. Afghan politicians have expressed support for the idea of strengthening the military, and the country’s government will continue to refine the plan.

In addition to its articles about security matters related to Afghanistan, Ariana News provides extensive coverage of world, regional, business, tech, and health news.