Ariana News Covers Potential Second-Round Election Pitfalls

As the second round of Afghanistan’s presidential elections approaches, Ariana News has covered responses to potential sources of disruption. The first round of elections faced several threats. On one hand, voting was marked by violence and fraud. In light of that, a pair of organizations, the Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan and the Free and Fair Foundation of Afghanistan, have pushed for officials involved in misconduct and fraud to be replaced for the second round. Some officials and groups have also put forth new fraud-prevention policies. Suggestions include live observation and monitoring of the election process.

On the other hand, the Afghan government praised its security forces for their success in preventing the Taliban from disrupting the first round of elections. The country’s first vice president reported that the Taliban will look for opportunities to disrupt voting again in the second round, but expressed his confidence that any attempts to do so will be repulsed. Ariana News’ ongoing coverage of election issues can be viewed online at