February 2014 Developmental Progress Stories from Ariana News

A project of the Ariana Television and Radio Network, Ariana News was founded in part to spread the word about improvements that took place in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. Today, the organization regularly posts articles that detail the progress being made in the country.

Ariana was particularly active in providing updates on Afghan progress in February 2014. On February 5, it ran an article detailing a $43 million investment made by Japan in security at the airport in Kabul. The aid, which continued a long-term trend of Japan contributing to projects in Afghanistan, will go toward improvements such as the addition of metal detectors and modern scanning equipment.

As the month continued, Ariana reported on the opening ceremony of an agricultural university in Kandahar. Funded by India at a cost of $100 million, the university will cater to students from anywhere in Afghanistan and offer education up to the master’s degree level. Ariana wrapped up the month by previewing a festival to be held in the Ghazni province that would bring in over 6,000 guests to the area.